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An informative list of national Dutch languages schools in the Netherlands including language schools in Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities including tips on how to learn Dutch fast and Dutch language courses online.

For expats living in the Netherlands, it is essential to learn Dutch in order to integrate successfully. Additionally, knowledge of the Dutch language is a key part of the civic integration course that most foreigners will have to pass, and can also help your job progress if you're working in the Netherlands. There are many Dutch language schools in the Netherlands to choose from, particularly in the main Dutch cities, and various resources on how to learn Dutch without leaving your couch.

There are many Dutch language classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners, with prices ranges depending on your choice of school, Dutch speaking level, frequency, intensity and type of classes like conversational or business Dutch.

Here is an extensive list of Dutch language courses in the Netherlands and language schools in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, The Hague, Haarlem, Leiden, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

You can also check if any top Dutch universities offer Dutch language courses or see Expatica's listings of Dutch language schools. Some major cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam and Eindhoven, for example, also offer free Dutch languages courses for eligible students – check if this option is available in your municipality.

Language schools in the Netherlands with a national presence


Internationally known language school that offers Dutch language courses at all levels, including group and private instruction. Berlitz offers affordable and effective Bootcamp Group Courses, organised in partnership with The Student Hotel. Trial Lessons take place every week of the year at Berlitz Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Maastricht.

Register Free Trial Lesson | Facebook | Contact

Elycio Talen

An ISO and CEDEO certified Dutch language school in the Netherlands that offers business language and communication courses. Levels are from beginner to intermediate. Small groups and individual classes are offered. Intensive programmes with certificate upon completion (50 hours in ten weeks) are also offered.

Locations: Amsterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Enschede, Papendrecht, Rijswijk, Zeist.

Dutch for Expats

Dutch language classes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are given weekdays in small groups (6-10 students). Classes cover conversation, grammar, Dutch culture and traditions. Students can learn Dutch by attending classes in their offices or having teachers visit their homes or place of work.

Locations: Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam, Wassenaar

Language Partners

Focusing on business Dutch, Language Partners has seven locationn all over the Netherlands for students and professionals who want to know how to learn Dutch. They also have cultural training for people who would like to understand the culture of their new home in the Netherlands.

Locations: Amersfoot, Amsterdam, Breda, Den Haag, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Zwolle

Linguarama Nederland

Linguarama has offices all over the world and their Dutch languages courses are carefully planned to meet the learning needs of each client. People have a variety of reasons for wanting to learn a language: communicating effectively with colleagues or clients, writing letters, obtaining information, listening to others or conversing socially.

Locations: Amsterdam, The Hague, Soesterberg.

PCI Languages

PCI is one of the largest language schools in the Netherlands and provides customised language, business skills and cultural training at all levels. Dutch language courses for business are offered across the Netherlands as well as in-company or at home and PCI carries out in-company language audits upon request to set language learning goals by identifying the language, cultural and communication gaps of company employees. Trainings include one-to-one, group, intensive, immersion, distance (Skype, email, telephone and online) and accelerated language learning programmes. Dutch state exam NT2 exam training is offered, with group trainings in the Amsterdam region and major cities across the Netherlands. Teachers are native speakers and the school is ISO 9001 certified.

Locations: 36 locations all over the Netherlands including all major Dutch cities 


At Taalthuis you can learn Dutch by ernrolling to their Dutch language classes, which are offered at different levels and several locations in the Netherlands. Their courses are as follows: beginners basic, beginners plus, intermediate, advanced and NT2 State Exam training. Most courses start with an initial intake. 

Locations: Amersfoot, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Haarlem, Hilversum, Leiden and Utrecht

Language schools in the Netherlands: Learn Dutch fast

Language schools in Amsterdam and Alkmaar

British Language Training School (BLTC)

Intensive language courses on how to learn Dutch are offered at all levels including general and business, small groups and individual. NT2 Exam courses are also offered. Group courses begin throughout the year in January, May and September and all courses can be taken during the day or in the evening.

Contact: Oxford House, N.Z. Voorburgwal 328 E, 1012 RW Amsterdam | |

Dutch Courses Amsterdam

Dutch Courses Amsterdam is one of the highest reviewed language schools in Amsterdam. They offer intensive survival Dutch courses for beginners, intermediates, upper intermediates and advanced level students. They also have Dutch language courses for NTS state exam training, private lessons, online lessons through Skype, distance learning through email, business Dutch classes and short conversation and informationals workshops about the Dutch language and expat life in the Netherlands.

Contact: Postjesweg 57, 1057 DW, Amsterdam | |

European Language Centre

This centre is a professional training institute with a business focus. Flexible, intensive tailor-made Dutch language classes within the Amsterdam region are offered either at the institute, in-company or at home. All levels are taught, from beginner to advanced.

Contact: Hogehilweg 15, 1101 CB Amsterdam Zuidoost | |

Koentact Dutch Courses for Expats

Koentact is located in the city center of Amsterdam and offers private courses and group courses. The teachers are professional and energetic and focus on a practical approach towards learning to help student learn Dutch fast. Koentact is famous for its Field Trips (e.g. Market visit, Scavenger Hunt, Bootcamp). An Open Day takes place every six weeks where students can check their level of Dutch and participate in a free Dutch trial lesson.

Contact: Elandsgracht 70 (Jordaan area), 1016 TX Amsterdam | |


NedLes offers Dutch language courses for foreign professionals in the heart of Amsterdam. They have private lessons, corporate lessons and group courses.

Contact: Nieuwe Herengracht 145-C, 1011 SG Amsterdam | |

Taal, Den Hartog & Zevenbergen

This is a language institute that specialises in teaching Dutch as a second language to employees in the Amsterdam region. Dutch language classes accommodate all levels and abilities. Individual, small group and company courses are offered as well as exam training for NT2 II. Instruction is also available in Alkmaar, Haarlem and The Hague.

Contact: Baron G.A. Tindalplein 51, 1019 TW Amsterdam | |

Talencoach / Dutch Flow Now

Talencoach is a language school in Amsterdam that offers unique expert Dutch language courses and classes for learners interested in learning Dutch. They have the popular Dutch Brainwash course, an intensive course that teach you techniques on how to learn Dutch fast within seven consecutive days. Classes are available for learners from all levels, some in groups and some one-to-one sessions. This language school also has classes for those interested in learning English and other languages.

Contact: Keizersgracht 8, 1015 CN Amsterdam |


TopTaal is a training institute for learners seeking Dutch language courses in the Netherlands. They have a wide range of tailor-made courses, training and programmes for individuals and groups of all levels. Beginners can progress sufficiently to pass the Dutch integration (Inburgering) examination or the NT2 Programme I or II State examination within a year. Intake interviews and tests are held in order to make sure that all module participants have the same language and educational level and the same final goal. This allows qualified teachers to use the most efficient and effective work method. Other special courses to learn Dutch such as Dutch for Expats and in-company courses are offered as well. TopTaal is an accessible and flexible partner with a choice of daytime or evening classes and multiple locations in Amsterdam and Woerden.

Contact: Anthony Fokkerweg 1M, 1059 CM Amsterdam | |

UvA Talen

This independent language centre of the University of Amsterdam is located near Weesperplein (in the centre of Amsterdam) and offers tailor-made private courses, as well as group courses on how to learn Dutch fast. The teachers are friendly, professional and adopt a lively, practical teaching approach. Intensive Dutch and English language courses are offered at all levels every four weeks. NT2 Exam courses are also offered. Evening group courses begin in January, April and October. Total immersion courses are also organised at request (hotel stay and evening meals are optional).

Contact: Roetersstraat 25, 1018 WB Amsterdam | |

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam offers a wide range of affordable Dutch language courses on every level. You can choose the pace that suits you best. After level B1 we offer trainings for the state exams ‘Nederlands als tweede taal’ (NT2 or Dutch as a second language). You can also opt for additional training programmes to improve your writing skills or pronunciation. The school's Dutch language classes are designed to give you a deeper understanding of Dutch culture along the way. In higher level courses we will take you on visits to museums such as the Amsterdam Museum and the Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum). 

Contact: Bos en Lommerplein 176, 1055 DV Amsterdam | |

Language schools in Arnhem and Nijmegen

Learn Dutch Fast

The school offers a variety of intensive Dutch language courses containing a mix of award winning, powerful, brain-friendly activities that are tailored to the student’s needs in the Arnhem area.

Contact: Graaf Florislaan 54, 1405 BW  Bussum | |


At STEP, you learn the Dutch language and skills needed to participate in Dutch society. You will be taught at your own pace and at your level. Whether you have just arrived in the Netherlands or have lived here longer, if you want to know how to learn Dutch better through reading and writing, you can contact STEP.

Contact: Derde van Hezewijkstraat 6, 6542 JP Nijmegen | |

Language schools in Den Bosch

Language Institute Regina Coeli

The Language Institute Regina Coeli is arguably one of the most famous and effective language school in the Netherlands. You will learn Dutch fast to communicate better in Dutch. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the nuts and bolts of the Dutch language or already have solid skills and want to be more persuasive, their team of trainers are happy to create a tailor-made Dutch language courses for you.  

Contact: Martinilaan 12, 5262 BR Vught | |

Language schools in Eindhoven


easyNL in Eindhoven provides language training to highly-skilled migrants and foreign knowledge workers interested in how to learn Dutch. Their programmes vary from group courses, individual courses, in-company training and training through e-learning.

Contact: Roelofspad 10, 5645 JG  Eindhoven |

STE Languages

STE Languages is a leading language institute in the south-east of the Netherlands and has provided language education in the form of language training programmes, Dutch language courses and workshops for over thirty years. They are also very successful in preparing students for the Dutch Staatsexamen programme I or II. They also teach English and German language courses.

Contact: Heggeranklaan 1, 5643 BP Eindhoven | |

Language schools in Haarlem

Ad Appel Taaltrainingen

Personalised Dutch language courses for small classes of 5 students and private lessons. They also have training for students about to take the NT2 Exam in the Haarlem area.

Contact: Aerdenhoutsduinweg 1, 2111 AN Aerdenhout |

Language schools in the Netherlands: Learn Dutch fast

Language schools in The Hague

The British School in the Netherlands Language Centre

Dutch language courses for adults, offers courses from level 1 – 7, starting twice a year (February and September). Day, evening and intensive courses available. At the completion of level 7, students are eligible to take the NT2 Exam.

Contact: Vrouw Avenweg 640, 2493 WZ Den Haag | |

Direct Dutch B.V.

Founded in 1985, Direct Dutch has been teaching Dutch languages classes to foreigners for a quarter of a century. Most students are well-educated, highly motivated people and, according to the school, they learn to speak and write Dutch within a few months. The school’s methods are used by Berkeley University, California in the United States and by the European Commission for its own courses. The atmosphere at the Direct Dutch school in The Hague is described as warm and welcoming. Dutch language lessons combine conversation practice with theoretical training and information about Dutch culture and society. The school offers Dutch language courses at four levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and NT2 Programma II. They also provide private in-company courses.

Contact: Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 275, 2593 BS The Hague | |


TaalNetwerk is a language school in The Hague in The Netherlands for those who want to learn Dutch and other languages. They offer courses in a number of languages, including Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and French. They also offer private training and intensive courses.

Contact: Prins Mauritsplein 28, 2582 ND Den Haag | |


TaalTaal offers a unique blend of learning, speaking and listening so that you can quickly start using your new language. Going by the philisophy that a language is best learned in a relaxed yet energetic setting, TaalTaal also offers 'All-you-can-talk' sessions to make sure you will keep a long-lasting linguistic understanding. They teach courses on how to learn Dutch fast and 15 other languages.

Contact: Hoge Prins Willemstraat 226 E  | |

Language schools in Leiden

Universiteit Leiden Academic Language Centre

The language consultancy is affiliated with the university, but Dutch language courses are open to non-students. Day and evening group courses at all levels are available as well as tailor-made courses. The consultancy also offers acculturation and intercultural management courses.

Contact: Cleveringaplaats 1 room 1.25, 2311 BD Leiden | |


A Dutch language school specialising in teaching the Dutch language at a central location in Leiden. Taalservice offers Dutch language couses with small groups, in-person one-to-one Dutch lessons and via Skype, and preparation classes for the NT2 State Exame, Civic Integration Exam and CNaVT certificate. 

Contact: Schipholweg 103, 2316 XC Leiden | |

Language schools in Maastricht

Talencentrum Universiteit Maastricht

Dutch language courses are available at all levels; for groups, individuals and non-students. Other available courses include NT2 Exam training, Crash Course in Dutch (summer/ winter programmes) and tailor-made Language for Specific Purpose (LSP) courses for professionals, individuals and groups. Courses for beginners who want to learn Dutch are offered for native German, Scandinavian and Afrikaans speakers.

Contact: Sint Servaasklooster 39, 6211 TE Maastricht |


Waterval is a language school in Maastricht that focuses on speaking as both the means and the end of their initial teaching. They offer various Dutch language classes for expats looking to learn Dutch for daily use, employment and for those who are taking their inburgering and NT2 exams. They have small classes and also have lessons by appointment.

Contact: Itersondomein 26A, 6229 ED  Maastricht | |

Language schools in Rotterdam

Business Talen Rotterdam BV

Tailor-made, individual Dutch language courses at an accredited language institute specialising in providing business-oriented, private language courses in 20 languages.

Contact: K.P. v.d. Mandelelaan 72, 3062 MB Rotterdam |

Centre for British English

CBE has a full range of Dutch language classes in Rotterdam from beginners to preparation for the state examinations (Staatsexamen).

Contact: Haagseveer 62, 3011 DA Rotterdam |

ITHA Dutch Language Institute

One of the most comprehensive language schools in Rotterdam, flexible, intensive Dutch language programmes are on offer at all levels and are primarily business focused in ITHA.

Contact: Mathenesserlaan 253, 3021 HD Rotterdam | |

Language schools in Utrecht

Babel Talen

Private individual lessons for participants who want to learn Dutch fast are given in a language laboratory and include beginner to advanced levels. NT 2 Exam training is also offered. An instructor is always present to provide materials, answer questions and assist with test taking. CEDEO approved. Also on offer: conversation classes, beginners to advanced, 10 lessons of 1 hour each, once a week. One can attend a free sample class.

Contact: Nieuwegracht 94, 3512 LX Utrecht | |

Utrecht Language Academy

Utrecht Language Academy offershigh-quality Dutch language education at all language levels. Teachers are certified and widely experienced in their field. They have various specialised Dutch language courses, summer courses and exam courses.

Contact: Laan van Puntenburg 2A, 3511 ER  Utrecht |

Language schools in the Netherlands Online and personal Dutch language courses

Computer software

Most companies claim to have the best programmes out there to learn Dutch fast and retain everything. However, since everyone learns differently, explore the teaching style used by the programme before you buy. Here are a few good language software titles.

  1. Tell Me More Dutch

  2. Rosetta Stone Dutch

  3. Instant Immersion Dutch

  4. Dutch Learning Suite

  5. Spoken World: Dutch

  6. Hello-Hello World

  7. Pimsleur Comprehensive

  8. Transparent Language

Remember: Some of these titles are pretty costly, ranging from EUR 32 all the way to EUR 200.

Useful websites

Almost anything you can buy can be found on the Internet for free, so don’t be afraid to look around.
There are plenty of useful and free sites you can use to help you progress. You can even find some free Dutch mobile apps to help you learn Dutch fast and for free at the comfort of your own home. Here are a few notable examples:

  • an online course with videos and exercises
  • information and exercises in Dutch grammar
  • Dutch videos with Dutch subtitles
  • Rotterdam city also has a language guide
  • Duolingo: a free Dutch language app that runs on iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • Babbel: this well-known language resource has Dutch language courses accessbile online and through a mobile app

And don’t forget, the BBC ( actually has a very innovative product that also includes audio files, a very valuable asset when trying to learn a language.

You may also want to buy pocket phrasebooks that will help you get around in the day-to-day grind. They won’t be great at in-depth grammar usage and explanations but they will definitely have useful phrases. It would also be good to have an electronic translator to carry around just in case – Google Translate is quite a useful free app that will often give you an audio as well as written translation.

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  • Eleana posted:

    on 7th November 2016, 10:59:21 - Reply

    In the Arnhem area, CLE (Convincent Language Education) is a language school for targeted, flexible and fun Dutch language learning. Small group classes or high speed private lessons. General language courses, preparation for Staatsexamen NT2 & Inburgering, specialised Dutch for work. Vincent is an experienced teacher and he will advise you what class, which method and books are best for you.

  • Cerine posted:

    on 27th August 2015, 14:11:11 - Reply

    I wish I found this site first. I took up lessons with a lady from Alles is Taal (The Hague), and she is a terrible teacher also a fraudster. She proposed that I pay for a 10 hour lesson block but she stopped coming for class after 2 lessons, always with filmsy excuses of family health problem, when I discovered she took up another job on the day of our lesson and hence she could not come for class. Now I'm terminating my lessons with her. I asked for a refund for those unused hours of lessons and she is refusing to refund me for my money, claiming she has no money to return me and has to wait to get paid! She is not answering my calls or emails either. This is terrifying and infuriating. I would not recommend her service.

  • Jozef posted:

    on 26th January 2015, 11:40:10 - Reply

    I would also recommend as a great resource to start learning Dutch.
  • kwakernaak posted:

    on 17th January 2015, 16:36:29 - Reply

    I would like to add Suitcase talen in Almere. This small school (since 1995) offers group courses for highly educated people. Courses prepare for the Civic Integration Exam as well for the State Exams, but the school is also popular amongst highly skilled migrants who want to learn Dutch for social contacts and work progress. You can find us at
  • Vesna posted:

    on 8th April 2014, 14:05:57 - Reply

    Robin F. You are talking about Nova College in Haarlem? I tried to apply there for a dutch course but they wouldn't help me. I was rejected because according to them i have to have social and unemploiment help plus geemente haarlem as to send me there. I called geemente in Haarlem and told me, they don't do that anymore and i have to go directly. What do i do?
  • Masterclass English Rotterdam posted:

    on 26th October 2013, 10:35:41 - Reply

    I would like to ad our English language school in Rotterdam to this list. We offer courses in 18 different levels in English in Rotterdam and are the only recognized Cambridge Exam Centre in the region of Rotterdam. You can find us at
  • Chris Kirk posted:

    on 8th August 2013, 14:15:17 - Reply

    I would like to recommend TaalNetwerk in The Hague, where I learned Dutch during 6 months. I now speak Dutch pretty much fluently. I really loved their Dutch language courses: there was a good pace (not too fast and not too slow), quite a lot of conversation, and their teachers were very friendly and skilled. I am now actually considering also signing up for one of their Spanish courses! Link to their website:
  • Robin F. posted:

    on 30th January 2013, 18:35:34 - Reply

    Euro for Euro...I felt the volwassenenonderwijs (adult education) I received at Nova College in Haarlem was fantastic! Because there were students from all over the world, instruction was based entirely in Dutch. This was an extremely affordable option, and I learned Dutch very quickly with this method.
  • Bart Berman posted:

    on 30th January 2013, 14:53:22 - Reply

    As for Den Haag, I would like to mention Ms. N. Menke, whose website is Individual lessons, experienced teacher, nice athmosphere.