Muslims fined for refusing male doctor at childbirth

11th June 2008, Comments 4 comments

The French Muslim couple who are suing a hospital after their son was born handicapped were instead slammed a fine of EUR 1,000.

11 June 2008

LYON - A French Muslim couple who sued a hospital after their son was born heavily handicapped were instead fined EUR 1,000 on Tuesday for refusing the presence of a male doctor during labour.

Mohammed Ijjou was born severely handicapped on 8 November 1998 as a result of neurological complications during birth.

According to the appeal court ruling, his father Radouane Ijjou physically barred a male intern from entering his wife's room for half an hour, citing religious reasons, after a midwife asked for help with the labour.

The court in Lyon ruled that "the child's condition is totally due to the attitude of Radouane Ijjou" and that the couple could not hold the hospital responsible.

It said the father's attitude had prevented the hospital from carrying out tests that could have prevented the complications.

"This is a very hard decision. This child is being told he has no one to blame but his parents," said the couple's lawyer Isabelle Damiano.

The couple, whose request for damages was rejected once before in May 2006, were seeking EUR 100,000 in damages from the hospital in Bourg-en-Bresse in eastern France.

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4 Comments To This Article

  • Ryan posted:

    on 2nd July 2008, 13:44:25 - Reply

    I assume the punishment of the handicapped child is enough of a fine. Tqking more than the Thousand would just hurt the child. I hope the father was told ahead of time that if complications arise there would be other male personnel brought into the room.
  • Tashi Tenzin posted:

    on 22nd June 2008, 15:43:34 - Reply

    I think such narrow-minded people should be fine severely.Just one thousand fine is too less.The father should be put in the jail for few years or he should be deport to some muslim country,where he can meet practice his own religion.He is only responsible for the fate of this child.I know european doctors are highly professional.
  • barbara posted:

    on 16th June 2008, 16:40:56 - Reply

    These parents - well the father, should now be sued for putting their son's life in danger. Our system is one of the best in the world and we do not need those who try to impose ideas from other countries and religions that are not up to modern standards.
  • kevin.joseph4 posted:

    on 12th June 2008, 13:57:48 - Reply

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