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Guide to Dutch visas and permits

Moving to the Netherlands: Guide to Dutch visas and permits


Which Dutch visa or permit do you need to visit, live, work or study in the Netherlands? Here's an essential guide to apply for the correct Dutch visa or permit for your individual situation.

Work in the Netherlands

Work in the Netherlands: Dutch work permits


Not everyone needs a separate Dutch work permit to legally work in the Netherlands – find out if you need a Dutch work permit for your situation.

Moving to the Netherlands with family

Moving to the Netherlands to join a partner or family member

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If you have a family member living in the Netherlands find out if you're eligible to join them with a 'family reunification' Dutch residence permit.

Dutch work permit changes in 2017

Dutch work permit changes in 2017: New rules on Intra-Corporate Transfers


A new EU directive on Intra-Corporate Transfers has been implemented in the Netherlands, which will affect the kennismigrant scheme. Read to see if the changes apply to your Dutch work permit.

IND Contact - IND amsterdam

Contacting the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)


The IND implements immigration policy in the Netherlands. This article provides contact information for IND centres in cities such as Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Den Bosh, and Rotterdam.

Dutch nationality or long-term residency in the Netherlands: Which is best...


What does the Brexit vote mean for UK nationals living in the Netherlands? This guide explains the pros and cons of the EU long-term residency and Dutch naturalisation options for British nationals in the Netherlands. [Contributed by Fragomen]

How to get Dutch citizenship


Here is our guide to obtaining citizenship in the Netherlands, and the conditions required to apply for Dutch citizenship.

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Live and work in the Netherlands as a highly qualified graduate with the Or...


Find out how you can live and work in the Netherlands as a highly qualified graduate holding a Bachelor, Master's or PhD with the Orientation Year Permit — and the new policies that make the process even easier. [Contributed by Fragomen Worldwide]

Dutch visa to work in the Netherlands

Dutch residence permits for employees


If you want to work in the Netherlands as an employee (a labour migrant), there are multiple options for obtaining a Dutch residence permit, outlined in this guide.

Dutch entry visa and temporary residence permits

Dutch provisional residence permits (MVV) and temporary residence permits


Certain nationalities require a Dutch visa to enter the Netherlands, plus a Dutch residence permit to live in the Netherlands for longer than three months.

Dutch permanent residence for non EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

Permanent residency in the Netherlands


After living in the Netherlands for five years, foreign nationals and their family members can apply for a Dutch permanent residence permit.

Dutch visa for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Self-employed Dutch visa for freelancers and entrepreneurs


If you want to set up your own business, work as a freelancer or practice a profession in the Netherlands, you can apply for a self-employed Dutch residence permit.

When your Dutch permit expires

When your residence permit expires or you want to leave the Netherlands

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If your Dutch resident permit expires, you can apply to extend it or opt for a different permit. If you leave instead, you must deregister and return your permit.

Study in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands: Dutch student visas


Foreign students can apply for a Dutch student permit for the duration of their course – plus an additional one year 'orientation visa' upon graduation to look for work.

Dutch visa for Master's degree and PhD graduates

Dutch residence permit for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degree graduates


Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree graduates from both Dutch and leading foreign universities can apply for an 'orientation year' permit to live in the Netherlands for one year to look for work.

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