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Getting a German visa or permit

Moving to Germany: Guide to German visas and permits


Do you need a visa to go to Germany? Find out which German visa or permit you need for immigration to Germany, including German visa requirements and preparing your German visa application.

Work in Germany

Work in Germany: Getting a German work permit


If you want to work in Germany – and you're not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland – you'll need a German work permit, which will be linked to your residence status in Germany.

German citizenship

How to get German citizenship or a permanent visa


Find out if you can apply for German citizenship or permanent residence, and what benefits they offer. This guide explains also how to get German citizenship via marriage, descent, birth or naturalisation.

EU, EEA, Swiss citizens moving to Germany

A guide for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens moving to Germany


EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can live and work in Germany without restrictions, but will need to register with the local German authorities.

Study in Germany

Study in Germany: German student visas and permits


A guide for German student visa and immigration requirements for those who plan to study in Germany or carry out academic research.

German visa to join a relative or partner in Germany


If you want to move to Germany to join a family member or spouse, a German family reunification visa will allow you to live and work in Germany.

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