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Nearly all the papers devoted front page coverage to the birth of the third daughter of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima.

Nearly all the papers devoted front page coverage to the birth of the third daughter of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima.

De Telegraaf

Holleeder poisoned?

The family and lawyer of Willem Holleeder think he has been poisoned. Lawyer  Jan-Hein Kuijpers said it was "extremely strange that Holleeder's condition deteriorated so quickly." His family feared on Tuesday that he might die. Holleeder's mother and a few other family members and friends were given special permission by the justice department to "say goodbye."

Big Willem not to be summoned

The public prosecution department has told former Hell's Angels president Willem van Boxtel that he will not have to appear in court in connection with a planned murder attack on Willem Holleeder.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Four bidders for Connexxion

There are currently four bidders in the race for transport company Connexxion: British First Group, German Deutsche Bahn, French Transdev and Rabo Capital together with Gilde Investment Management
Employers responsible for home offices

Employers must check that workers who work from home have set up their home offices in accordance with health and safety regulations. Employers could be held responsible for the consequences if workers become incapacitated as a result of poor working conditions.

Nederlands Dagblad

Church-school-family triangle falls apart

"We must no longer work on the basis of a connection between family, church and school, but on the basis of the youth themselves," Pieter Vos said on Tuesday at a study for teachers, youth social workers and clergymen in Groningen.
Alternatives for abortion

State secretary for Public Health Jet Bussemaker (Labour PvdA) is going to work on "positive measures" to help women chose alternatives to terminating an unwanted pregnancy.
De Pers

Holleeder trial adjourned

The court case against Willem Holleeder has been marked by a series of strange events. Last week the courthouse was the target of an attack, this week the main suspect is practically on his deathbed.

Levelling income drives top talent away

The Netherlands should be cautious in the debate on high incomes because levelling incomes by increasing tax on the highest tax bracket even further – as trade union confederation FNV has suggested, with the support of the Labour faction PvdA – could put the competitive position of the country in danger.
Limburgs Dagblad

"Pictures on cigarette boxes don't work"

Unpleasant pictures on tobacco packaging, like colour photos of smokers' lungs, are not effective. So called "fear-based information campaigns" can even have an adverse effect.

Basic knowledge on hygiene lacking

Many Dutch these days lack a basic knowledge of hygiene. Good "old-fashioned habits" like washing one's hands before eating, putting a handkerchief or tissue in front of one's mouth when coughing (and then washing one's hands) and never using another person's towel seem to have been lost.

De Volkskrant

Bos unwise to rule out fiscal sanctions

The Labour party PvdA is demanding that something be done about high salaries for senior management in the business sector. Minister Wouter Bos doesn't like the idea of fiscal sanctions, but has he made up his mind too quickly?

Teachers outraged at suggestion from Plasterk

Education Minister Ronald Plasterk provoked outrage from education unions with his suggestion that teachers lighten their own workload by doing some of their work during their holidays.

Unlimited alcohol for soldiers in Crete

The defence department provided Dutch soldiers on Crete with unlimited free alcohol during their stay on the island for a debriefing after leaving Uruzgan.

Steven Spielberg asks about Carice van Houten

Steven Spielberg has asked about the availability of Dutch actress Carice van Houten. The top director (E.T., War of the Worlds, Münich) saw the Dutch actress in action in Zwartboek (Black Book), which premiered in the US last weekend.


After-school care not well organised

A new law in effect since February stipulates that primary schools are responsible for after-school care. The plans have resulted in chaotic after-school facilities.

Pronk: leadership crisis in PvdA

Former minister from the Labour party PvdA Jan Pronk says there is a crisis in his party. PvdA leader Wouter Bos can no longer stand up entirely for the party line now that he is deputy prime minister and finance minister.

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