European Employment & Trends

European Employment & Trends

Looking for work in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands , Spain, Switzerland or the UK? Expatica covers everything you need to know about expat employment in your new country of residence, from work permits and European employment and immigration regulations to job applications and local labour law. Detailed articles such as Working in the Netherlands, part I and part II take you through the rules regarding expat...

Employment & Trends - Essential Articles

03/04/2014 Career coaching: A rational approach to happiness at work

Career Coaching: A Rational Approach to Happiness at Work Stella Pennekamp explains how to feel fulfilled at work, and when to spot that it may be time for a career change. [Contributed by Orange Expats]

20/03/2012 Looking for work in Belgium

This handy guide from Expertise in Labour Mobility includes how to write a CV, application procedure, interview dos and don'ts, Belgian management culture and more.

20/03/2012 F.A.Q. on recruiting in France

Our Expatica expert on human resources explains how the recruitment process works in France, including why so many of the cover letters you'll receive are handwritten.

07/03/2012 German labour law and contracts

German labour law German labour law is complex. Dr. Sandra Flämig offers the basics to help you understand what you should or should not do when entering into a work contract as well as covering the ins and outs for maternity leave.