Expat language learning

Expat language learning

Whatever your attitude to language learning, intercultural specialists all agree that learning the language of your new country of residence is a crucial step to understanding your adopted culture. After expat language training, doors will open for you—you’ll be able to deal with your own administration—and you’ll feel happier and more at ease in your new environment. Your French might not be perfect, but it will go a long way...

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17/06/2014 What’s the cheapest way to learn a language?

What’s the cheapest way to learn a language? Learning a language can be very expensive. Lingos offers expats fun and inexpensive ways to learn a new language with confidence. [Contributed by Lingos]

15/11/2012 Language learning in Belgium

Language schools in Belgium Dutch, French and German are spoken commonly in Belgium. Fortunately there are many language schools available, as well as online and computer courses.