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Education in Spain

A guide to education in Spain


If you're moving to Spain, here's a guide to Spanish education to help enrol your child into the Spanish school system from primary to secondary school.

Study abroad in Spain

Study in Spain: Universities in Spain


To study abroad in Spain, learn about the Spanish university system, required qualifications, how to apply, fees, scholarships, accommodation and student life.

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain: Study Spanish in the best Spanish schools in Spain


Tempted to learn Spanish in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Alicante? Choose where to study Spanish in Spain with this list of Spanish schools in Spain, plus online Spanish courses.

International MBA course

Invest in your career: choose MIP International MBAs


If you are looking for an international programme that prepares you to become the manager of the future, you may be interested in learning about the International MBA programmes at by MIP Politecnico di Milano. [Contributed by MIP Politecnico di Milano]


An expat story: learning a new language online


In case you were wondering, yes, this is another expat story. Like many readers, I’m yet another young professional who wanted to gain some extra life experience. I started looking for a job in a different country, and guess what: I got an offer in Germany. [Contributed by Lingoda]

Which languages are the easiest to learn?


If you’re thinking about moving abroad in 2017 but aren’t sure what country would suit you best, how easily you can surmount the language barrier could be one of the factors you take into account.

Become a 'manager of the future' by choosing MIP Politecnico di Milano's to...


Looking for a challenge and seeking to boost you career? Apply to MIP Politecnico di Milano's top international business MBA program, choose between three learning formats – the full-time, part-time or distance learning – and discover your career potential. [ Contributed by MIP Politecnico di Milano]...

Study abroad

Study abroad: Options for expats


Why study abroad? We take a look at the many schools, universities, educational programmes and courses suited to expats looking to study abroad.

Study abroad

Study abroad: University application process for expats

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If you plan to study while living abroad, learn what makes expats strong candidates for college admission, college scholarships and university grants.

Study in Barcelona

Study in Barcelona: Universities and higher education in Barcelona


Here is a list of the top universities and business schools in Barcelona for those looking to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Study abroad, international MBAs

Is an international MBA the right degree for you?

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Students from around the world come to Europe to study international MBAs. But what are the benefits and potential drawbacks of studying an MBA abroad?

Education in Spain

Schools in Spain: state, private, bilingual and international schools


Education in Spain can offer a lot to the expat family, but should you enrol your child in a Spanish state school, a private school or an international school in Spain?

Education in Spain

Education in Spain: State or private schools?


Many expat parents in Spain struggle to choose between Spanish state schools, private schools or private international schools in Spain.

International schools in Spain

Private and international schools in Spain


As an alternative to state education in Spain, expat parents can opt to send their children to private schools, international schools, or international baccalaureate schools in Spain.

Preschool in Spain

Preschool in Spain

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If you're looking to enrol your child into childcare in Spain, here's a guide to nurseries and kindergartens in Spain.

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