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New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions only expats will understand


As an expat New Year's resolutions are more about memorising foreign irregular verbs or visiting that landmark you keep putting off, rather than slimming down or saving.

Best places to live

The best places to live in the world – for your personality?


Time to get out? Follow this guide to find the best place to live in the world for your personality and manners – the best places to live where you'd feel right at home.

Living in Germany

A year living in Germany: the good, the bad and the 'praktisch'


It's hard to hate living it Germany when its full of beer, hearty food and being active but a few more sunny days and better banking wouldn't hurt.

Halloween All Saints Day

The truth about Halloween you didn't know

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Have candy, costumes and commercialisation distracted us from the true meaning of Halloween? Here are some Halloween facts you should know before putting on your Halloween costume.

German phrases

The best German phrases you'll want in your vocabulary


'Die Schnapsidee': A 'liquor-idea' is either an amazing drunk plan or so stupid only a drunk person could have thought it. There are some things only these German phrases can describe.

23 signs you’ve turned into a 'serial expat'


Several years later and you're still on the move abroad... are you addicted to expat life? If these telltale signs are true, it's time to admit you're a serial expat.

Packing my suitcase: Getting the Germans to like you


You can't make German friends without patience and lots of hard work, says expat Allane Milliane, but German friends are totally worth it.

Live abroad

The effects – good and bad – of living abroad


The expat lifestyle can be challenging on international families – but is that good or bad? Read why everyone should consider moving their family abroad.

German culture

The German Way: It’s a matter of German trust


If you think Germans seem standoffish, there's something about German trust you need to understand first.

Home exchange: Holiday heaven... or hell?

Home exchange: Holiday heaven... or hell?


Home-exchange sites have been increasing in popularity, drawing people keen to taste life in another part of the world but not so keen to pay high hotel prices.

Move abroad with children

Geneva family diaries: Understanding coping mechanisms of expat kids


The way children cope with moving abroad can range from anger and tantrums to silence or tears – but it's important not to not mislabel these emotions, says coach Tammy Furey.

Tips for the male accompanying spouse

What to do when you're the male trailing spouse


Do you have your 'elevator speech' ready for the dreaded question: 'What do you do?'

Motherhood in Germany

'Regretting motherhood' debate rages in Germany


Is it possible to regret becoming a mother? The question has stirred a debate in Germany like in no other country, shattering a long-held taboo.

Learn a language

The easiest and cheapest languages to learn


Learning a foreign language? Dutch, French, Spanish, German and Italian are the quickest languages to learn – but also among the most expensive per hour.

International schools

How do I choose a good international school?


International education expert Kathleen Ralf shares 10 questions parents should ask to help them choose the best international school for their child.

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