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Study in Germany

Study abroad in Germany: German universities

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To study abroad in Germany, learn about the top German universities, required qualifications, how to apply, fees, scholarships, accommodation and student life.

German education system

Education in Germany


Those moving to Germany can find the array of German schools overwhelming. This guide to German education will help you enrol your child into the German school system.

German language classes

Learn German: Language schools in Germany


Learn German with this list of German language courses and main language schools in Germany, or learn German online with this list of online German courses.

International students

Munich International School: Pioneering international education since 1966


Munich International School (MIS) nurtures, challenges and inspires students to become academically successful, lifelong learners; creative and innovative thinkers; ethical, globally-minded contributors; and healthy, well-balanced individuals who will thrive and make a positive impact in a complex and...

Learn German ISR

How to learn German as a foreign language in Germany


There is a lot to consider when parents are planning to move abroad to Germany, especially when it comes to learning German for kids and for the parents themselves. [Contributed by International School on the Rhine]

How to help expat children become global-minded citizens of the world


ISH shares the education techniques they use to guide students into becoming global citizens as a premier international school in Germany. [Contributed by International School of Hamburg]

Become a 'manager of the future' by choosing MIP Politecnico di Milano's to...


Looking for a challenge and seeking to boost you career? Apply to MIP Politecnico di Milano's top international business MBA program, choose between three learning formats – the full-time, part-time or distance learning – and discover your career potential. [ Contributed by MIP Politecnico di Milano]...


Why bilingual education is important for your child


Bilingualism gives your children an advantage in a highly globalised world. Cologne's BilinGO primary school immerses kids in an English and German-speaking environment to give them that edge at a young age. [Contributed by BilinGO]

Distance learning delivers Dutch education anywhere in the world

Distance learning delivers Dutch education anywhere in the world


The Netherlands is no longer the home base of you and your family; another part of the world is. How can you still ensure your child maintains the Dutch language and culture? Distance learning may be the answer. [Contributed by IVIO Wereldschool]

Lemania-Verbier International School

Lemania-Verbier International School: Educational Excellence in Verbier


Nestled in the heart of Verbier, Lemania-Verbier International School offers world-class education for students aged 3 to 15 in what is a beautiful mountain environment. [Contributed by Lemania-Verbier International School]

bbw University of Applied Sciences logo

Become a creative industry leader through a Master's degree in Berlin


Berlin is a vibrant hub for creative industries and startups — which makes it an ideal city to study and receive a creative industries Master's education. [Contributed by Hochschule Berlin]


Online speech therapy with a click of a button


TinyEYE Europe's online therapy programme is the answer for people seeking a mobile solution for their speech and language problems. [Contributed by TinyEYE Europe]

TorFX logo

Educating expats: Helping your children cope with foreign schooling


Tips on choosing the best education option for your kids and how to help them integrate in their new school overseas. [Contributed by TorFX]

American University of Sharjah

5 steps towards a successful international business career


How do you stand out from the legions of job candidates in today's global job market? Here are five helpful ways. [Contributed by American University of Sharjah]

International schools in Germany

International schools in Germany


If you're living in Germany, here is a list of international schools in Germany to enrol your child into the education system in Germany.

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