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Study in South Africa

Study in South Africa: Universities in South Africa


If you want to study in South Africa, here is a guide to higher education in South Africa, including information on the various university options available.

International and private schools in South Africa

Choosing an international or private school in South Africa


If you've moved to South Africa with children, which school in South Africa will offer the best education to suit your children's needs?

Language courses in South Africa

Language courses in South Africa


If you've looking for a language course in South Africa, we offer these tips on how and where to find the language classes you need.

International MBA course

Invest in your career: choose MIP International MBAs


If you are looking for an international programme that prepares you to become the manager of the future, you may be interested in learning about the International MBA programmes at by MIP Politecnico di Milano. [Contributed by MIP Politecnico di Milano]

Moving abroad

Which languages are the easiest to learn?


If you’re thinking about moving abroad in 2017 but aren’t sure what country would suit you best, how easily you can surmount the language barrier could be one of the factors you take into account.

Study abroad: Options for expats


Why study abroad? We take a look at the many schools, universities, educational programmes and courses suited to expats looking to study abroad.

Study abroad: University application process for expats

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If you plan to study while living abroad, learn what makes expats strong candidates for college admission, college scholarships and university grants.

Study abroad, international MBAs

Is an international MBA the right degree for you?

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Students from around the world come to Europe to study international MBAs. But what are the benefits and potential drawbacks of studying an MBA abroad?

Learning a foreign language

Language learning for adults and how to make it work


Almost all the adults I know think learning a new language in adulthood is impossible. A new foreign language can be difficult to learn, and linguists agree. Here are some tips to stay motivated.

Study in Cape Town

Study in Cape Town: UCT MBA among world’s best


If you're looking to study in South Africa, the University of Cape Town is the oldest university in South Africa, with a history spanning 175 years.

International schools

International schools: A growing choice


International schools continue to gain a reputation for preparing international children for English-speaking higher education opportunities throughout the world.

International schools South Africa

International schools in South Africa


Here's our guide to South Africa's international and private schools.

International schools

Learning with the International Primary Curriculum


What is it about the IPC that has gained the commitment of over 1,300 schools in over 63 countries around the world in just 10 years?

Childcare and preschool in South Africa

Preschools and childcare in South Africa

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If you are living in South Africa with children, there is a range of childcare and preschool options in South Africa.

Study abroad

Study abroad: The International Baccalaureate Diploma

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The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB programme) is recognised as an international pre-university education preparing students for study abroad.

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