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Top South African foods

Top 10 foods in South Africa – with recipes


From South African street foods to sweet curries, find out why the top South African dishes are renown as South Africa's ‘rainbow cuisine’.

South Africa facts

30 facts about South Africa


How many South African facts do you know? This mix of informative and interesting facts will test your knowledge on South Africa.

Emergency numbers South Africa

Emergency phone numbers in South Africa

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Here's a listing of emergency phone numbers you may need in case of emergency in South Africa.

SASSA grants

Social security in South Africa and SASSA grants


A guide to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA): who must arrange SASSA payments, who can claim SASSA grants and what are the SASSA grant amounts.

South African public holidays 2017 and important South African holidays


Here is a list of public holidays in South Africa 2017, plus other important South African holidays including school holidays and Mother's and Father's Days.

Crime and the legal system in South Africa


Even though the number of serious crimes has decreased in the last few years, South Africa still has a high level of violence.

Pretoria, Tshwane

New name for South Africa's capital Pretoria


South Africa's capital Pretoria will cease to be known by that name this year. Its new name will be Tshwane.

Driving in South Africa

Driving in South Africa: Rules of the road


What side of the road do South Africans drive on? What are the rules at four-way stops? How do you enter a roundabout? Here's a guide to driving in South Africa.

South African culture

South African culture


A guide to the cultural makeup of the 'rainbow nation' of South Africa.

Transport South Africa

South Africa transport: Trains, metro, buses, and taxis in South Africa

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If you need to travel in South Africa, this guide includes all transport types in South Africa, including taxis, minibuses, airport shuttles and the 'Gautrain'.

South Africa facts

South Africa facts: People


This guide on South Africa facts includes the population details of South Africa.

History South Africa

South Africa facts: History


From the landing of Dutch traders to British encroachment to apartheid rule, here's a brief overview of South African history.

South Africa football

A guide to South Africa's football divisions


There's probably no better way to 'integrate' into South African culture on the street than to demonstrate some knowledge of football in South Africa.

South Africa facts

South Africa facts: Economy


This guide on South African country facts looks at the factors that make up South Africa's economy.

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