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Netherlands tax

Netherlands tax guide: Tax in the Netherlands for expats


Certain expats are entitled to Dutch tax benefits; this guide to tax in the Netherlands explains the Netherlands' tax rates, the Dutch tax system and tax benefits for expats.

Banking in the Netherlands

Dutch bank account: Opening a Dutch bank account as an expat


Expatica's guide explains who can open a Dutch bank account and what you need to present when opening a bank account in the Netherlands.

Insurance in the Netherlands

Insurance in the Netherlands

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A short guide to help expats choose the level of insurance cover in the Netherlands appropriate to their circumstances.

Dutch pension system

The Dutch pension system


The Dutch pension system is rated among the world's best. Find out if you can claim a Dutch pension as an expat, the Netherlands' retirement age, Dutch pension rates and aspects to consider when retiring in the Netherlands.

inheritance tax netherlands

Expat guide to inheritance tax in the Netherlands, Dutch inheritance law an...


Find out if inheritance tax in the Netherlands and Dutch inheritance law apply to your worldwide assets as an expat or non-resident, plus how to prepare a Dutch will.

Why buy insurance?


When you drop a quarter into a slot machine, you know that your chances of winning are pretty slim. But risking a quarter (or perhaps much more than a quarter) may be worth it to you if the potential payoff is great enough. Insurance is a lot like that. [Contributed by Beacon Financial Education]

2016 Dutch income tax return: 6 frequently asked questions


It is that time of the year again. The 2016 calendar year has come to an end, and even though you may have celebrated its end with champagne, it is still time to wrap up your tax affairs for 2016. [Contributed by TaxDirect]

Tax return Netherlands

Doing your income tax return in the Netherlands


The start of the year is a signal to begin your tax return in the Netherlands. Broadstreet explains Dutch income tax, tax refunds and how to file a Dutch tax return.

Tax rues for non-residents

Rules for non-resident tax in the Netherlands


Broadstreet explains the rules for non-resident tax in the Netherlands. Find out if you qualify for the advantages of being a non-resident taxpayer.

30 ruling Netherlands

The Dutch 30 percent ruling explained

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Are you eligible for the Netherlands' 30 percent ruling? This guide explains how expats can claim a tax exemption under the 30 percent ruling in the Netherlands.

Dutch tax

Seven sins of the 30 percent ruling: common pitfalls and attention points


Much information can be found online about the favourable 30 percent ruling for inbound employees, but there is there is often much more to say than what is written. We’ve seen that a lack of in-depth knowledge about the details or an incorrect interpretation often results in missed opportunities or...

Transferring a pension

UK pension transfers for expatriates


Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some of the issues affecting expatriates when transferring UK pensions. One of very few advisers providing advice to expatriates holding the coveted ‘Chartered’ title, Hammond is non-commission based and operates exclusively on a fee-only...

How to make QROPS work for you

How to make QROPS work for you


Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some key points about QROPS and how QROPS can be best managed to work for you. One of very few advisers to expatriates holding the coveted ‘Chartered’ title, Hammond is non-commission based and operates exclusively on a fee-only basis....

Beacon Financial Education

How can I pay off the credit card debt I racked up over the holidays?


It's a common occurrence once the holiday season winds down — you reluctantly look at your credit card statement and wince at all the purchases you made over the holidays. Fortunately, there's no need to panic. Consider using one of the following strategies to help pay it off. [Contributed by Beacon...

TorFX - Emigration Focus

Emigration focus: moving money when moving abroad


When it comes to making a fresh start in a new country, knowing where to start planning the move can be a bit daunting. The best way to approach the mammoth list of tasks, including money transfers, is to take them one at a time.

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