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Dutch universities – study in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands: A guide to Dutch universities


This guide explains everything you need to study in the Netherlands: the top Dutch universities, Netherlands scholarships and universities in the Netherlands for international students.

Dutch language courses

Learn Dutch: Dutch language courses in the Netherlands


Learn Dutch in the Netherlands with this list of Dutch language courses around the Netherlands, including Dutch courses in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and online.

Education in the Netherlands

Education in the Netherlands: A guide to the Dutch education system


Our guide to education in the Netherlands explains each level of the Dutch school system to help you enrol your child into Dutch education, plus Dutch school holidays.

Can you forget a language: AISR

How to help children retain their native languages


Losing the ability to speak the language of your native country can be a fear for any expat parent that moves abroad, especially when children are young.

Expat Fair in Eindhoven

Join "i am not a tourist" in Eindhoven at the Expat Fair for Internationals


The "i am not a tourist" Expat Fair Eindhoven is the biggest event for internationals living, working, studying or setting up a business in the South of the Netherlands.

A parents' guide to education in the Netherlands


Get the essentials on education in the Netherlands, from primary and secondary schooling, through higher education to teaching in the Netherlands with foreign credentials.

University of Groningen: Admission, ranking and cost of living


Discover more about the University of Groningen, the second oldest university in the Netherlands: this guide explains Groningen University's ranking, the admission process and the cost of living.

International MBA course

Invest in your career: choose MIP International MBAs


If you are looking for an international programme that prepares you to become the manager of the future, you may be interested in learning about the International MBA programmes at by MIP Politecnico di Milano. [Contributed by MIP Politecnico di Milano]

International schools in the Netherlands

List of international schools in the Netherlands


Expatica's up-to-date guide includes a full list of international schools in the Netherlands, including American and British schools in the Netherlands plus international schools in Amsterdam, The Hague and around the country.


5 tips to learn to speak English with confidence


My name is Mario, and I’ve been a sales and marketing manager at Berlitz for the past six years. At this point, I have no problem speaking and writing in English with clients and colleagues, but years ago, it was a struggle I thought I would never overcome. [Contributed by Berlitz]

Talencoach: Learn Dutch

Can you learn Dutch on your own?


Have you ever thought that if you lived in a certain country, you would learn the language automatically? This is what many people love to believe, but in most cases, learning a new language does not happen so easily. [Contributed by Talencoach]

International School Breda: International school for expat children

International School Breda expands with modern facilities for students


The family atmosphere and excellent education at the International School of Breda allows children of expats and locals to thrive. Now, with its new expanded building, students will have even more opportunity to learn and grow. [Contributed by the International School Breda]


Learn Dutch on the go: smart and easy!


Frustrated with Dutch courses that only deal with canals and cheese when you need to speak in real life? Flowently offers lessons that focus on your actual life to help you learn the language you need, not what’s in the book. [Contributed by Flowently]

Young Expat Services

Going local: Dutch public schools for expat families


There are huge waiting lists for international schools in Amsterdam. But there are other options, such as local Dutch schools. This is a real story of a family going through this process, supplemented by practical information. [Contributed by Young Expat Services]

Moving abroad

Which languages are the easiest to learn?


If you’re thinking about moving abroad in 2017 but aren’t sure what country would suit you best, how easily you can surmount the language barrier could be one of the factors you take into account.

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