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Taxes in Belgium

Taxes in Belgium: Filing your Belgian tax return


A guide to Belgian taxation in 2015 for expats, with up-to-date information on income tax, special expat tax status, VAT, property tax and other taxes in Belgium.

Banks in Belgium

Opening a bank account in Belgium

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Find out how the banking system works in Belgium and the requirements to open a bank account, either before you move or once you’re living in Belgium.

Belgian pensions

A guide to Belgian pensions and your entitlements

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Who can claim a pension in Belgium? This guide explains pension rates, who is entitled, taking early retirement and managing your pension in Belgium.

TorFX - Emigration Focus

Emigration focus: moving money when moving abroad


When it comes to making a fresh start in a new country, knowing where to start planning the move can be a bit daunting. The best way to approach the mammoth list of tasks, including money transfers, is to take them one at a time.

Double taxation treaty

Belgian tax guide: Tax on savings and investments in Belgium


Planning to invest and save for your future while in Belgium? Here is our helpful guide for expats on the Belgian tax on savings income, Belgium’s tax on investment income and other important information about shares, capital gains tax and speculation tax in Belgium.

Tips on maximising your UK pension for expats in Belgium


Everything British expats in Belgium need to know to make the most out of their UK pension abroad from different UK pensions schemes to changes to UK pension legislation. [Contributed by Spectrum IFA Group]

Brexit and its strong impact on currency exchange rates


The monumental Brexit has yielded political, cultural and also economical consequences. Here we explain how the UK's vote to leave the EU has led to significant Brexit currency impacts like lower currency exchange rates and the British pound devaluation.

Banking in Belgium

Banking in Belgium


From opening a bank account in Belgium to paying your bills, here is Expatica's guide to the Belgian banking system.

Insurance in Belgium

Insurance in Belgium


Detailing health, home and car insurance in Belgium, here is our comprehensive guide to getting good insurance coverage in Belgium.

The best ways to transfer money internationally

The best ways to transfer money internationally


Assessing the pros, cons and costs of different transfer options is important to get the cheapest and best deal on your international money transfers.

Buy property abroad

Is buying property in Europe today a smart investment?


"Be realistic and carry on," says real estate investment strategist Pol Robert Tansens as he discusses what returns and risks buyers should expect when buying property in Europe today.

Calculating your taxes in Belgium

How to calculate your tax burden in Belgium


Belgian taxes can take a chunk out of your salary – calculate how much you have to pay in Belgian taxes and social security to find your net salary or net income.

Deducting business expenses in Belgium

What expenses can I deduct from my Belgian taxes?


Expatica's tax expert Gregory Goossens explains what business expenses you can deduct from your Belgian taxes when filing your tax return in Belgium.

Taxes in Belgium

Expat tax in Belgium: How to claim non-resident tax status

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Expatica's tax expert Gregory Goossens explains how to arrange your taxes after moving to Belgium and the tax benefits for non-resident Belgian tax payers.

Digital banking

Digital banking for expats moving abroad


Banking while travelling or living abroad is no longer a complicated matter; with the rise of digital banking, an expat can even set up a bank account before they move abroad.

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