Working in Belgium
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Jobs in Belgium

Work in Belgium: Finding a job


Find work in Belgium with this comprehensive guide: job websites and recruitment agencies in Belgium, jobs in demand in Belgium, Belgium's current job market and Belgian work permits.

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Jobs in Belgium

Belgian job applications: Writing a Belgian CV and interview tips

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How to write a Belgian-style CV and cover letter plus tips on job interviews in Belgium to give you the best chance of finding a job in Belgium.

Starting a business in Belgium

Setting up a business or as a freelancer in Belgium


Start your business in Belgium on the right foot by reading about the potential hurdles and Belgian regulations for foreigners starting a business in Belgium.

Belgian business culture

Business culture in Belgium


This handy guide from Expertise in Labour Mobility includes information on Belgian business culture, hierarchy, negotiations, and etiquette in Belgium.

A new entrepreneurship course for expat spouses


For expat spouses, it is not always easy to feel at home and find a new career in the Netherlands. For some, living in a new country means making a new start in their lives through realising a dream they may have had for a long time: their own business. [Contributed by Maastricht School of Management]...

6 common CV and resume mistakes you need to avoid


Some resume mistakes are obvious while others are consciously repeated – what CV mistakes do you need to avoid on your CV? Here Hays lists the six common resume mistakes you should stop doing now.

Jobs in Brussels

Finding jobs in Brussels


Looking for jobs in Brussels? These tips will get your job search started to help you find your ideal job in Belgium's international capital.

Top tips to succeed in any job interview

Top tips to succeed in any job interview


So you have begun your job search, prepared your CV and now you’re getting yourself interview-ready. Use the SWOT analysis to your advantage and follow these helpful tips to succeed in your job interview and land your dream job.

Let's do it

6 things you must do before attending a job fair


Good preparation can maximise your opportunities at job fairs. Stand out from the crowd using these six steps to improve your chances of finding a job.

ING Bank Belgium

Tips for starting a successful business


Anyone can start their own business but a few tips can get you started on the right path to starting a successful business. [Contributed by ING Belgium]

How to start a business in Belgium

Tips for starting a business in Belgium


Start your business in Belgium on the right foot by learning about the potential hurdles and Belgian regulations for foreigners starting a business in Belgium.

Work abroad

Travelling jobs: Unpacking your career


If you're living abroad because your partner is, continuing your career isn't always easy. Nor is finding a job abroad. Here are some tips on creating a job you can take with you.

Global business etiquette

Global business etiquette


If you're working abroad, do you need to adapt your business style to increase your success in an international career?

"I was an expat wife: Why being a Third Culture Kid sucks (sometimes)"

Leadership traits to avoid when working globally


Communications expert Declan Mulkeen discusses the importance of cultural awareness when working abroad or managing international teams.

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