Living abroad

Living abroad

Living abroad requires a certain type of lifestyle. First coined in 1929 by an Austrian psychologist, the term ‘lifestyle’ reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group, which includes social relations, consumption, entertainment and dress. Being an expat, of course, is a lifestyle in and of itself.

Expat lifestyle: The chameleon wanderer

Expat life engenders an international outlook coupled with an ability to blend relatively...

Lifestyle - Essential Articles

06/08/2014 Love wine? Learn more! Wine courses in English in the Hague

Love wine? Learn more! Wine courses in English in the Hague Het Wijninstituut offers wine lovers a new round of English-language wine courses in the Hague, with a total of five evening classes starting 16 October 2014.

15/04/2014 Discovering Belgium: Discovering Durbuy

Discovering Belgium: Discovering Durbuy Known the smallest town in the world, Durbuy's riverside setting makes it a picturesque getaway from Belgium's capital of Brussels.

25/02/2014 Prête-Moi Paris: Co-working and free computer use in Paris

"Prête-Moi Paris: Free computer use in Paris" EPN provides public spaces for all ages in Paris: Co-working desks, free computer and internet use, plus 'initiation' lessons for those unfamiliar with computer technology.

02/04/2013 Party Earth: Berlin's nightlife 48-hour challenge

Party Earth: Berlin's nightlife 48-hour challenge Where to check out some of Berlin's best social spots in one (busy!) weekend.

14/07/2014 The Holland Handbook: Fun kids activities in the Netherlands

"The Holland Handbook: Fun things to do with kids in the Netherlands" Stuck for fun kids activities in the Netherlands? Here's a comprehensive children's guide for extracurricular activities, scouts, petting zoos, museums, rainy day options, and more!

16/10/2013 Unexpected Traveller: Guide to Gare du Midi

"The Unexpected Traveller: Guide to understanding Gare du Midi" Gare du Midi is cryptic and confuses many a visitor when first arriving to Belgium. Here's a guide to unravelling Belgium's main station to make Gare du Midi a little less 'unexpected'.

24/09/2013 Becoming Madame: Parisian guide to outdoor markets

"Becoming Madame: Parisian guide to outdoor markets" A comprehensive local guide to Paris's best outdoor markets, arranged by arrondissement to help you easily find the closest Parisian market to you.

12/02/2013 Rick Steves: The Rhine River - raging with history

Rick Steves: The Rhine River - raging with history Rick Steves explains his captivation with the Rhine.

10/06/2014 Amsterdam Mamas: Favourite beaches in the Netherlands

Our favourite: Beaches Hit the Dutch beaches this summer with Amsterdam Mamas' list of favourite beaches in the Netherlands.

19/08/2013 Together Magazine: Summer fun in Knokke

"Together Magazine: Summer fun in Knokke" Here are some top events and attractions happening in the charming coastal town of Knokke town in August and September.