Working in Switzerland
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Jobs in Switzerland

Work in Switzerland: Where to find jobs in Switzerland


How to find work in Switzerland, with information on the Swiss job market, job vacancies in Switzerland, Swiss work permits plus where to look for jobs in Switzerland.

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Jobs in Switzerland

Applying for a Swiss job – CV and interview tips


When looking for jobs in Switzerland, learn how to write a Swiss-style CV and cover letter, plus information and tips on what to expect in a Swiss job interview.

Starting a business in Switzerland

Starting a business or self-employment in Switzerland


If you're thinking of starting a business or self-employment in Switzerland, this guide explains the types of Swiss registered companies and the processes.

Minimum wage Switzerland

Swiss minimum wage and average salary in Switzerland


What is the minimum wage in Switzerland you can expect? This guide explains the average salary in Switzerland and conditions for salaries in Switzerland in certain industries.

Top tips to succeed in any job interview


So you have begun your job search, prepared your CV and now you’re getting yourself interview-ready. Use the SWOT analysis to your advantage and follow these helpful tips to succeed in your job interview and land your dream job.

6 things you must do before attending a job fair


Good preparation can maximise your opportunities at job fairs. Stand out from the crowd using these six steps to improve your chances of finding a job.

Earn an international executive MBA while working as an expat in Switzerland

How to increase your working and hiring potential as an expat in Switzerlan...


Grow your career and increase your employability as an expat employee by earning an international executive MBA while working in Switzerland through the top Executive MBA programme at Rochester-Bern. [Contributed by Rochester-Bern Executive Programs]

Jobs in Zurich

Finding a job in Zurich


Tips on how to find work in Zurich, including information on Zurich's current job market and vacancies, Swiss work permits, and where to find jobs in Zurich.

Jobs in Basel

Finding a job in Basel


Find a job in Basel with this guide on the current job market, shortage occupations, Swiss work permits, and where to look for jobs in Basel.

Work abroad

Travelling jobs: Unpacking your career


If you're living abroad because your partner is, continuing your career isn't always easy. Nor is finding a job abroad. Here are some tips on creating a job you can take with you.

Global business etiquette

Global business etiquette


If you're working abroad, do you need to adapt your business style to increase your success in an international career?

"I was an expat wife: Why being a Third Culture Kid sucks (sometimes)"

Leadership traits to avoid when working globally


Communications expert Declan Mulkeen discusses the importance of cultural awareness when working abroad or managing international teams.

Culturally correct CVs

Culturally correct CVs for working abroad


When you're looking for work abroad, it's vital to have an international CV that crosses borders.

Work abroad: management style

Do I need to change my management style?


If you work abroad, the simple answer is 'almost certainly yes'! Prepare for your international career by adapting your management style to the culture of where you'll work abroad.

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