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Tax office can use police camera footage to check on company car drivers: court

Tax office can use police camera footage to check on company car drivers: c...

28 March 2015   0 comments
The tax office can continue to check car number plates recorded on police motorway cameras to catch people who cheat on their company car allowance, the appeal court in Den Bosch said.

Dutch cricket players furious about World Cup ‘closed club’ 28 March 2015

The cricket World Cup is one of the most watched sports event in the world but smaller cricketing nations such as the Netherlands are on the verge of being excluded.

‘Jan has a better chance of a job in Holland than Mohammed’ 26 March 2015

The unemployment rate among people with an ethnic minority background is higher in the Netherlands than in any other EU country apart from Sweden, the Volkskrant reported.

Dutch make breast reconstruction standard in cancer treatmen... 24 March 2015

Efforts are being made to standardise the way women diagnosed with breast cancer in the Netherlands are offered reconstructive surgery, says broadcaster Nos.

Dutch police incapable of dealing with serious crime: ex-det... 24 March 2015

The Dutch police force is incapable of dealing with serious crime, according to a former detective in the NRC.

Dutch minimum wage law hits 18-year-olds hard

24 March 2015
The FNV trade union federation has launched a campaign in an effort to increase the minimum wage for youngsters aged 18 to 23.

Wilders faces 136 compensation claims for remarks

19 March 2015
PVV leader Geert Wilders is facing 136 compensation claims ahead of his trial for discrimination and inciting hatred against Moroccans.

Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht has the most expensive houses 19 March 2015

The Keizersgracht in Amsterdam has 255 houses worth over EUR 1m, making it the most expensive street in the Netherlands.

Dutch vote leaves coalition facing uncertain future 18 March 2015

Dutch voters punished premier Mark Rutte's ruling coalition in provincial elections on Wednesday, exit polls said, leaving the Liberal-Labour government facing an uncertain future and scrambling for partners...
House sales continue to rise, up 23 percent in February

House sales continue to rise, up 23 percent in February 18 March 2015

The number of homes changing hands in February was up over 23 percent on January and 16.6 percent on a year ago, providing further evidence of a recovery in the housing market.
‘Streetwise’ Dutch consumers help cut internet financial fraud

‘Streetwise’ Dutch consumers help cut internet financial fra... 18 March 2015

Internet fraudsters got away with less money last year as Dutch consumers woke up to their tricks, payment organisation Belaalvereninging and the Dutch banking association said on Wednesday.
Cracks emerge in Dutch mission to Mars project

Cracks emerge in Dutch mission to Mars project 18 March 2015

A small Dutch company which has gathered global publicity for its plan to send six people to Mars to set up a colony may be ripping off its supporters, according to website Matter.

Dutch vote in key poll that could paralyse government 18 March 2015

The Netherlands voted Wednesday in a provincial election that will decide who sits in the Senate, a key poll that could paralyse premier Mark Rutte's ability to pass reforms.

‘Slight rise’ in police offices sacked for integrity issues 16 March 2015

In total, 164 police officers were sacked or resigned last year because of integrity issues, the police confirmed on 16 March.

Low inflation, lower pension premiums to boost spending powe... 16 March 2015

Most of the Dutch will have more disposable income this year, as low inflation and reduced pension premiums boost spending power, the government’s macro-economic think tank CPB said on 16 March.

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