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Last update on November 13, 2019

Here’s an introduction to Expatica’s Lifestyle section for South Africa.

First coined in 1929 by an Austrian psychologist, the term ‘lifestyle’ reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group, which includes social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. Being an expat, of course, is a lifestyle in and of itself. Expatica South Africa’s lifestyle section has all the articles you need when it comes to sculpting the expat life that’s best for you.

Expat lifestyle: The chameleon

Expat life engenders an international outlook coupled with an ability to blend relatively ‘seamlessly’ into other cultures. “Members” of the expat culture club are hard to spot; after all, expat living is an experience, not an identity.  Living this kind of lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming at times, and that’s why we’ve put together a host of articles to help you make expat life work–from dating to clubs to home living, Expatica Portugal offers tips, tricks and expert advice.

Your lifestyle as an expat might also encompass children, and Expatica offers plenty of help with keeping the family climate healthy and positive. According to recent research, third culture kids (TCKs, or children who have grown up living abroad) “hide themselves in an attempt to blend in to constantly changing surroundings.” Life as an expat can be just as challenging for children as for adults! And don’t be surprised if you find repatriating the most difficult piece of all for your kids. Here at Expatica, we help you make expat life more enjoyable and comfortable for your TCK’s present and future. And don’t forget to read accounts of former expats who explain why the expat life was good for their kids.


Another aspect of “lifestyle” encompasses shopping and fashion. How you shop and what you buy certainly helps to define your ‘image’, and expats will be influenced by what’s on offer in their new countries no matter how much they resist. Articles like “How to look slimmer in your clothes” keep you up to date with the latest styles.

Making ‘green’ choices

Green living is a lifestyle and organic clothing is all the rage. Organic, recycled ‘recessionista chic’ has hit Berlin’s catwalks, and across Europe “eco-friendly” can only add value to a label.

Media, relationships and networking

Flirting across cultures may require a change of approach, and in the era of text messaging and social networking that approach has changed even further. Read ‘Love in the age of Facebook’ and ‘Breaking up in the time of Twitter’ for insight into the world of online dating,

What is love? The marketplace of Eros examines this age-old question in the light of the modern world. Join Expatica South Africa’s dating site to increase your chances of meeting like-minded internationals. Connect with other expats by joining various groups and clubs in your new country.

Finally, and above all, remember to enjoy this experience of life abroad — a once in a lifetime opportunity!