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Last update on January 14, 2020

Buying a property in South Africa? Here are few tips to help you locate the right estate agents in South Africa.

Selling your home or buying one for yourself can be a real challenge if you do not get in touch with the right estate agents in South Africa. Estate agents can really be a mess while bringing people in to show your house if you intend to rent or sell your place. Likewise, they can act smart while finding you a suitable apartment rental. Be it the cost involved or the property rental concerned, if you are not with the right estate agent you definitely are in trouble. If only you are a bit cautious with the agents, you can be quite sure that you won’t be cheated in the deal.

Here are few tips to help you locate the right estate agents in South Africa.

1. Take a price test

If you aren’t quite familiar with property prices in South Africa it’s time you start researching. Select the area that you want to reside in and then find out the generic price of property in that region. Unfortunately, the estate agents often take it for granted that their customer’s knowledge about the same is limited and that they can quote high property prices to them.

2. Take your time in deciding

Don’t zero down upon the first estate agent you encounter. Talk to people and get recommendations for a few estate agents. Ask them their opinion of the agents and only then settle on an agent. Ask the agent about their experience in the profession and how long they have been in this field.

3. Do some research on the Internet

Many of the companies where these estate agents work have websites. Go through these websites and check out if their specialisations suit your needs. Find out if your estate agent is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

4. Don’t listen to the agent blindly

Make your decisions irrespective of the influence of the estate agent. They try to influence their customers for their own personal gain. Check all the claims of the agent yourself.

5. Negotiate the price

Keep negotiating with the seller until you reach a verbal agreement on the property’s cost. Also find out what is included with the property on sale, such as furniture or fittings.

6. Paying the deposit

Once you have signed the deed of sale which is known as ‘Offer to Purchase’ in South Africa you can go ahead with the deposit. You can place your payment in a registered estate agent’s trust account or you can also go for an attorney’s trust account. This is the process of payment until the transfer of ownership is completed in South Africa. Do not make any deposit anywhere else except for the two specified trust accounts.

No estate agent can outsmart you if you are cautious. Just keep your eyes open with these tips in mind and you can be rest assured.

Peter O Jones / Expatica
Peter O Jones
writes for www.onlyrentals.co.za, a site which offers tips to finding estate agents in South Africa.