Hospitals in South Africa

Hospitals in South Africa

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Consult our guide to find information about Johannesburg Hospital and other medical centres in South Africa. Discover what the costs of medical care are likely to be and what to do in an emergency.

Learn about how hospitals work in South Africa, including the difference between public and private hospitals and insurance and what it costs to visit the hospital.

Visiting the hospital in South Africa can be a straightforward procedure if you have suitable medical insurance, though if your illness requires various types of care you could find yourself chasing receipts through the system. 

Here, we explain how public and private hospitals differ, how the payment structure works in South African hospitals and what to do in an emergency

Going to one of the hospitals in South Africa 

South Africa boasts some of the best medical training in the world, which means doctors are highly sought after across the globe and in some cases are ‘poached’ by western countries offering better salaries and working conditions. 

There are several major private healthcare providers in South Africa, each of which has a network of private hospitals around the country, albeit with highest concentration in the cities.

Johannesburg Hospital

State hospitals such as Johannesburg Hospital

If you don’t have private healthcare and attend a state-funded hospital, you’ll still need to pay for treatment. Assistance is available for some citizens, however - as the government provides co-payments of up to 40% for those on the lowest incomes. 

Depending on your income and number of children, you could pay between around R 40 and R 55 for a consultation, but you will of course need to pay any additional costs for any tests or medication you require during your stay. 

Specialist treatment services are available at state hospitals, but waiting lists can be very long. Before you choose a public hospital, you should check its level of service. A level 1 hospital offers the most basic care and is the cheapest. At the opposite end of the scale, a level 3 hospital is more expensive but will boast more specialist services. 

Hospital plans in South Africa: Paying for hospital treatment 

The payment system is one of the more frustrating processes involved in going to one of the hospitals in South Africa

First, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit when you check in - and then you’ll usually have to pay for every service you use separately. With this in mind, it’s best to take a debit or credit card with you and ensure you get a detailed receipt for everything, as you’ll need to claim these costs back from your insurer afterwards. 

If you’re having major (or simply very expensive) treatment, your insurance plan may require you to inform your healthcare provider in advance. While not all public hospitals are underfunded and understaffed, it’s generally best to use a private service if you’re able to. 

Hospital cover in South Africa: The cost of visiting the hospital 

According to OECD data, the price levels for private hospital services in South Africa are on a par with other OECD countries. While on paper this means you’ll be paying similar levels to those in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the lower levels of pay on offer in South Africa makes the costs seem expensive compared to other nations. 

The study, released in 2016, also shows that South Africa spent a higher share of its health budget on private health insurance than any other OECD country.

Hospitals in Cape Town

Emergencies in South Africa 

For emergencies, you can call 112 from any mobile phone in South Africa. This will put you through to a call centre, from which you’ll be routed to your nearest provider. 

Emergency services in South Africa are run by provincial health departments. As well as the public services, private companies such as ER24 and Netcare 911 run their own services - and if you take out private health insurance, your provider will tell you who their preferred partners are. 

  • Netcare 911 emergency number: 082 911
  • National ambulance service: 10177
  • Police: 10111

Accessing medicine in South Africa

Medicine prices in South Africa are regulated, so there will be a maximum charge you can pay for your medicine when you have it dispensed. 

Not all drugs are available over the counter in South Africa, with pharmacies limited to providing ‘Schedule 3’ drugs, which include oral contraceptives, some pain killers, insulin, heart and thyroid medications, but not antibiotics. 

While pharmacists are trained so they can provide a degree of medical advice, they must advise you to visit the doctor if they feel it is necessary. 

Pharmacies are run by several large chains including Dis-Chem, Clicks and MediRite. Pharmacies can be more scarce outside of the major cities, but mail-order and delivery services are available from some companies.

Having a child in South Africa

If you plan on giving birth in South Africa you might be interested to know that the majority of South African women choose to have a cesarian. For more information about having a baby in South Africa click here.

Hospitals in Pretoria

Hospitals in South Africa 

In this section, you can find contact details of the main hospitals across South Africa, in alphabetical order, including hospitals in Cape Town, hospitals in Pretoria, and hospitals in Durban.

Astrid Hospital, Pretoria
T : (12) 440-0701 W : 

Bedford Gardens Hospital, Bedfordview

T : (11) 622-8404 

Birchmed Surgical Centre, Johannesburg

T : (11) 391-3300 

Bone & Breastcare Centre, Johannesburg

T : (11) 447-2770 W : 

Brackenfell Sameday Surgical Centre, Cape Town

T : (21) 981-4547  

Bronkhorstspruit Private Hospital, Mpumalanga

T : (13) 932-4101 W : 

Brooklyn Surgical Centre, Pretoria

T : (12) 346-6240 

City Park Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 480-6111 W : 

Claremont Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 670-4300   

Cosmos Hospital, Mpumalanga

T : (13) 656-6524 

Durban Oncology Centre, Durban

T : (31) 261-8221 W : 

East London Private Hospital, East London

T : (43) 722-3128 

Entabeni Hospital, Durban

T : (31) 204-1300   

Eastmed Sameday Surgical Centre, Pretoria

T : (12) 800-3891 

Eugene Marais Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 334-2777  

Faerie Glen Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 348-8811 

Ferncrest Hospital, Rustenburg

T : (14) 568-4399 W : 

Garden City Hospital, Johannesburg

T : (11) 495-5000 W : 

Greenacres Hospital, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 363-1515 W : 

Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 404-9111 W : 

Harmelia Private Hospital, Johannesburg

T : (11) 974-1451 W : 

Hunterscraig Private Hospital, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 586-2664 

Jakaranda Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 343-2360 W : 

Jan S Marais Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 948-8131 

Johannesburg Hospital

T : (11) 488-4911 W : 

Karl Bremer Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 918-1911 W : 

Kingsbury Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 670-4000 

Kingsway Hospital, Amanzimtoti

T : (31) 904-3600 W : 

Kroon Hospital, Noordweg, Kroonstad

T : (56) 215-1881 W : 

Krugersdorp Hospital

T : (11) 951-0200 W : 

Linmed Hospital, Benoni

T : (11) 425-2331 W : 

Louis Leipoldt Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 946-1170 W : 

Medforum General & Heart Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 317-6700 W : 

Medgate Sameday Surgical Centre, Johannesburg

T : (11) 768-1013 

Mercantile Hospital, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 401-2700 

Midmed Hospital, Middelburg

T : (13) 282-6143 

Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg

T : (11) 480-5600 W : 

Momentum Sameday Surgical Centre, Pretoria

T : (12) 322-1344 

Moot Algemeen Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 330-0324 W: 

Mosvold hospital

T : (35) 591-0122 W: 

Muelmed Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 440-0600 W : 

Mulbarton Hospital, Johannesburg

T : (11) 432-3930 W : 

N1 City Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 590-4444 W : 

Netcare Centre Sports Medicine, Johannesburg

T : (11) 442-8233 W : 

Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital, Johannesburg

T : (11) 489-1111 W : 

Newcastle Private Hospital, Newcastle

T : (34) 317-2990 W : 

Oasim Private Hospital, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 585-6537 

Optiklin Eye Hospital, Benoni

T : (11) 918-5478 W : 

Palm Sameday Surgical Centre, Witbank

T : (13) 690-2890 

Park Drive Medical Centre, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 585-9261 

Parklands Hospital, Durban

T : (31) 208-8181 W : 

Pasteur Hospital, Bloemfontein

T : (51) 522-6601 

Peglerae Hospital, Rustenburg

T : (14) 597-2680 

Pretoria East Hospital

T : (12) 422-2300 W : 

Pretoria Heart Hospital

T : (12) 341-1002 W : 

Pretoria North Surgical Centre

T : (12) 546-0322 

Pretoria Urology Hospital

T : (12) 342-9510 W : 

Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 658-5111 W : 

Robinson Private Hospital, Randfontein

T : (11) 693-5384 

Rosebank Hospital, Bloemfontein

T : (51) 505-5111 

Sandton Surgical Centre

T : (11) 883-1400

Southern Cross Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 799-3000 W : 

St. Augustine's Hospital, Durban

T : (31) 268-5053 W : 

St. Dominic's Hospital, East London

T : (43) 743-4303 W : 

St. George's Hospital, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 392-6111 

St. James Hospital, East London

T : (43) 722-9685 

St. Mary's Private Hospital, Umtata

T : (47) 531-2911 

Sunninghill Hospital, Johannesburg

T : (11) 806-1500 W : 

Sunward Park Hospital, Boksburg

T : (11) 913-2050 W : 

The Bay Hospital, Richards Bay

T : (35) 789-1234 W : 

The Glynwood, Benoni

T : (11) 422-1970 

Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 938-4890 

Umhlanga Hospital, Umhlanga

W : 

Union Hospital, Alberton

T : (11) 861-3000 W : 

Unitas Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 664-1100 W : 

Upington Medi-Clinic Private Hospital, Upington

W : 

Vaalpark Hospital

40 Karas Road, Vanderbijlpark

W : 

Victoria Private Hospital, Mafikeng

T : (18) 381-2043  

Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town

T : (21) 506-5111 

West Coast Private Hospital, 7380 Vredenburg

T : (22) 719-1030 

Westways Medical Centre, Port Elizabeth

T : (41) 365-1026 

Wilgeheuwel Hospital, Roodepoort

T : (11) 794-4900 

Wilgers Hospital, Pretoria

T : (12) 807-0019 

Thabazimbi Private Hospital, Thabazimbi

T : (14) 777-1525 W : 


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