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Insurance in South Africa

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With a higher crime rate than most countries, you can expect to pay more for insurance in South Africa whether it be car, household or life insurance.

In the last decade South Africa has seen an increase in insurance companies and insurance products being offered. Competition amongst insurance companies has also increased and this is excellent news for the consumer as each insurance company will try and offer the best deals and best services to the customer.

Even if premiums remain high, a consumer can still receive discounts in the form of cash back bonuses as offered by some insurance companies or a consumer may benefit from other deals such as roadside assistance.

Although the number of insurance companies has increased and there is a lot of competition amongst them, South Africa does still face a lot of challenges for insurers and insured alike.  Some of unique challenges of insurance in South Africa include:

  • High crime rate: Social conditions and poor management of public safety pose challenges to the local insurance industry as well as the community. With higher crime rates, more people take out insurance yet this also means that more people claim against their insurance policy.
  • Lower income households: The insurance industry focuses on higher income households, as lower income households cannot afford insurance. The market is very competitive at the higher income end yet offers little in the way of products for the lower income bracket.
  • High H.I.V and A.I.D.S rate: Those infected with the H.I.V have a higher mortality rate, which proves a bigger risk to insurers. Some other risks include loss of income due to inability to work and the cost of funeral upon death. Insurance companies can assist through the funding of appropriate treatments.
  • High unemployment rate: South Africa has a high unemployment rate which means that many people face the scary prospect of not being able to pay their premiums. When times are tough economically usually insurance is the first to go as people try to cut cost.
  • Low natural disaster rate: Unlike other countries such as the United States, South Africa does not experience natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, which means that people do not take out coverage for these disasters. Insurance companies focus on other products.
  • Insurance in South Africa has its own unique challenges for both the insurance company and the insurance customer. Luckily insurance companies are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends.

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