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Getting married in South Africa

Getting married in South Africa


With its mild weather and natural beauty, South Africa is a popular wedding destination for couples.

Dating in South Africa

A guide to dating in South Africa

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Before joining one of the dating sites in South Africa, here's what you need to know about dating a South African man or woman. Discover more about the current trends for dating, along with customs that may vary to those you're used to.

Au pair South Africa

Finding an au pair in South Africa and other childcare options


There are several childcare options on offer in this part of the world. Use this guide to learn more about au pair agencies in South Africa, child support, finding a nanny, preschool systems, and more.

Divorce in South Africa

Getting a divorce in South Africa


The divorce process in South Africa can either be a quick and relatively straightforward procedure or a very long-winded one. Get to grips with the basics of South African divorce law, including how DIY and contested divorces differ and how mediation works.

Tips for the male accompanying spouse

What to do when you're the male trailing spouse


Do you have your 'elevator speech' ready for the dreaded question: 'What do you do?'

Expat dating: Online dating guide for expats


Expat dating has its own set of challenges and perks. Luckily, anyone looking for a partner in an international setting has a plenty of options, including expat online dating.

Expat tips for online dating after divorce


Getting back out there after a divorce can feel daunting, especially as an expat.

UK divorce law

Divorce: English divorce law abroad

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For a UK couple living abroad, it may still be possible to use the English courts and an English lawyer to handle divorce proceedings.

Things to do South Africa

Family fun: Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory


Blogger Sine Thieme and her kids have a blast learning about science at HartRAO.

Divorce abroad

Divorce abroad: 10 steps to protect your children

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Frank Arndt looks at cases where the expat dream ends in despair and frustration. If your marriage breaks down, the prospects can be daunting if you are 'stuck' in a foreign country.


International adoption: are you ready?

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Expat Women sheds light on the personal and challenging considerations expat couples will face when seriously thinking of adopting a child abroad.

Expat children and language learning

Expat children and language learning


Is your child already speaking the local lingo? Psychologist Kate Berger looks at why this is an issue deserving particular attention for expat families.

Moving abroad

Finding a school programme in a new country

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Choosing whether to send your kids to a local European school or an international school while living abroad can be a tough decision. Here are some tips to help you choose a school abroad.

International baby names

Baby names in a multi-culti family

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Parents of new-born babies all over the world have very different options in their choice of given names.

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