Working in South Africa
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South African CV

South African CV and interview advice


If you're taking the plunge into the pool of employment in South Africa you'll need to consider what employers will expect to see on your South African CV and job application. This guide provides some useful tips and tricks.

Jobs in Cape Town

Jobs in Cape Town


A job seeker's guide on where to look for recruitment agencies and job vacancies in Cape Town whether you're looking for part-time jobs, IT jobs or other fields of work in the city.

Minimum wage in South Africa

Minimum wage in South Africa: How much should you earn?


Is there a minimum wage in South Africa? While a national South African minimum wage is under discussion, some sectors have their own wage levels, particularly to protect casual and domestic workers in South Africa.

Let's do it

6 things you must do before attending a job fair


Good preparation can maximise your opportunities at job fairs. Stand out from the crowd using these six steps to improve your chances of finding a job.

Jobs in South Africa

Work in South Africa: Finding a job


A guide for job-hunters in South Africa, including information on the current job market, South African work permits, and where to look for jobs in South Africa.

Starting a business in South Africa

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If you're looking to start a business in South Africa, this guide explains all the different options for doing business in South Africa.

Travelling jobs: Unpacking your career


If you're living abroad because your partner is, continuing your career isn't always easy. Nor is finding a job abroad. Here are some tips on creating a job you can take with you.

Global business etiquette

Global business etiquette


If you're working abroad, do you need to adapt your business style to increase your success in an international career?

"I was an expat wife: Why being a Third Culture Kid sucks (sometimes)"

Leadership traits to avoid when working globally


Communications expert Declan Mulkeen discusses the importance of cultural awareness when working abroad or managing international teams.

Culturally correct CVs

Culturally correct CVs for working abroad


When you're looking for work abroad, it's vital to have an international CV that crosses borders.

Work abroad: management style

Do I need to change my management style?


If you work abroad, the simple answer is 'almost certainly yes'! Prepare for your international career by adapting your management style to the culture of where you'll work abroad.

Work abroad

Work abroad: Operation Job Seeker


You've said goodbye to friends and packed an extra pair of socks before moving abroad. But once you land, what will you do about finding a job?

Business culture South Africa

Business culture in South Africa


This handy guide from Expertise in Labour Mobility includes information on South African business culture, hierarchy, negotiations and etiquette in South Africa.

Work in Spain

Women on international assignment: An evolutionary perspective


Women need to work abroad to improve their international career prospects, but the challenge is finding a job abroad in the first place.

Find a job on LinkedIn with targeted networking

How to create a targeted network on LinkedIn


To help you find a job with targeted networking on LinkedIn, consultant Christian Pielow outlines seven steps to get you started.

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