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David Kuenzi
David Kuenzi

I am a South African who lived in the UK for 10 years. I am now back in SA. I made use of my ISA allowance while in the UK and have some money in a stocks and shares ISA. If I trade these funds within the ISA package and make a capital gain, am I liable for CGT in South Africa as I understand I would not be liable for the CGT in the UK?

by Paul Theron on 07 Oct 2013 Read Answer
David Kuenzi
David Kuenzi

Good day

I have some money I would like to send my son in the UK. He has an HSBC account in the UK and I have their international banking account number. How do I go about doing this?

by Lynette on 10 Mar 2013 Read Answer
David Kuenzi
David Kuenzi

I have a sum of about 20 thousand rand and I don't know how I can invest it. I want something that will benefit me on a monthly basis. Meaning that I can live off the interest. Do you have some suggestion?

by Reya on 04 Jun 2012 Read Answer

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