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Last update on July 30, 2019

Joburg expat Sine Thieme shares her favourite expat blogs on life in South Africa.

As my blog is discovered by more people around Joburg, I’m also discovering their blogs in return. I can’t believe I didn’t find a single one of these prior to moving here, when I desperately searched for any kind of information. But maybe it’s a good thing, because that is precisely why I started Joburg Expat in the first place.

Some of these blogs are very entertaining and shed  more light on life in South Africa, with words as well as pictures, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you, in no particular order:

In Joburg – living on the rand

I especially loved this post about the South African Postal Service, a topic you all know I’ve written about occasionally as well. But where I’ve written about things that DON’T turn up in the mail, In Joburg found amusing things that DO flutter into your mailbox.

Story of Bing

Bing is from Singapore, the other country I’ve lived in as an expat, and she sees the world through a similar lens as I do. In fact, we’ve explored a few places together. But her photography (and her cooking!) are a hundred times better than mine.


Just like me, this is another American expat and writer in Joburg. And like Bing, she’s also a member of the Joburg Photowalkers, a group I’d like to join but just can’t seem to find the time for. Very artsy, and great writing.

Elliott and His Sisters

An entertaining account of life in South Africa from the perspective of an American married to a South African with three little children. Not strictly a local blog as she lives in Umhlanga Rocks, Kwa-Zulu Natal, which is actually a tropical paradise on the coast near Durban that our family has yet to check out.


I just came across this great Joburg blog about the writer’s “love affair with Joburg.” Wonderful writing and insights. I loved the post about Parkhurst’s sidewalk cafe culture and the in-depth information on Soweto.

nothing to do in Joburg besides

Another well-written collection of interesting and eclectic Joburg stories and happenings. I loved this post about cappuccino art – makes me want to go out again and do my own cappuccino research!

Joburg Tour Guide

This lady is an archeologist and passionate Joburg lover who offers inner city tours and more. Another good place for information on places you might otherwise not know about.

Funky Doodle Donkey

Written by a Dutch expat who probably doesn’t even remember where she is from, she’s lived in so many places. Lots of stories and musings about life as an expat, travel, and life in general.

And here some not so local but nevertheless very readable expat blogs:

Life in the Expat Lane

Written by a Dutch/American with wonderful tales from pretty much everywhere around the globe, about pretty much every expat “situation” you can imagine, most recently from Moldavia.

I was an expat wife

Reflections of a Canadian about her former expat life in France and Singapore. Excellent writing that often has me laughing out loud and rereading sentences for their beautiful flow.

Take a peek at some of these — I guarantee you’ll gain a better understanding of this great city of Johannesburg and expat life in general. Enjoy!

When it became clear that her family of six would have to relocate to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010, Sine immediately knew that she would have to start a blog about their trials and tribulations.  Read her often-humorous, always informative observations on life as an expat in South Africa at joburgexpat.blogspot.com.