Communications and transportation in South Africa

South Africa facts: Communications and transportation

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This guide on South African country facts details communications and transportation in South Africa.

Telephones – main lines in use:
4.32 million (2009)
country comparison to the world: 34
Telephones – mobile cellular:
46.436 million (2009)
country comparison to the world: 26
Telephone system:

general assessment: the system is the best developed and most modern in Africa
domestic: combined fixed-line and mobile-cellular teledensity roughly 105 telephones per 100 persons; consists of carrier-equipped open-wire lines, coaxial cables, microwave radio relay links, fiber-optic cable, radiotelephone communication stations, and wireless local loops; key centers are Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Pretoria
international: country code - 27; the SAT-3/WASC and SAFE fiber optic cable systems connect South Africa to Europe and Asia; satellite earth stations - 3 Intelsat (1 Indian Ocean and 2 Atlantic Ocean)
Broadcast media:
the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) operates 4 TV stations, 3 are free-to-air and 1 is pay TV;, a private station, is accessible to more than half the population; multiple subscription TV services provide a mix of local and international channels; well developed mix of public and private radio stations at the national, regional, and local levels; the SABC radio network, state-owned and controlled but nominally independent, operates 18 stations, one for each of the 11 official languages, 4 community stations, and 3 commercial stations; more than 100 community-based stations extend coverage to rural areas (2007)
Internet country code:

Internet hosts:

3.751 million (2010)
country comparison to the world: 24
Internet users:
4.42 million (2009)
country comparison to the world: 54

Transport South Africa
Transportation: South Africa
578 (2010)
country comparison to the world: 11
Airports - with paved runways:
total: 147
over 3,047 m: 11
2,438 to 3,047 m: 6
1,524 to 2,437 m: 53
914 to 1,523 m: 67
under 914 m: 10 (2010)
Airports - with unpaved runways:

total: 431
2,438 to 3,047 m: 1
1,524 to 2,437 m: 32
914 to 1,523 m: 261
under 914 m: 137 (2010)
1 (2010)

condensate 11 km; gas 908 km; oil 980 km; refined products 1,379 km (2009)
total: 20,872 km
country comparison to the world: 14
narrow gauge: 20,436 km 1.065-m gauge (8,271 km electrified); 436 km 0.610-m gauge (2008)
total: 362,099 km
country comparison to the world: 18
paved: 73,506 km (includes 239 km of expressways)
unpaved: 288,593 km (2002)
Merchant marine:
total: 4
country comparison to the world: 133
by type: container 1, petroleum tanker 3
foreign-owned: 1 (Denmark 1)
registered in other countries: 11 (Mexico 1, NZ 1, Seychelles 1, Singapore 3, UK 5) (2010)
Ports and terminals:
Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay, Saldanha Bay

CIA Factbook / Expatica


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