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Last update on January 28, 2019

Stag party organiser Ampilot compiles a list of the top 10 stag night destinations, according to reviews from British men.

The best way to learn about a place is through experience, but when your job is to plan an unforgettable stag party in Europe it’s not only your opinion that counts. How do you go about organising a stag night the groom will never forget and keep all of his closest mates happy, too?

We’ve listened to the herd. Our team has analysed more than 350 reviews, blog posts, comments, and status updates to bring you the top 10 European cities for a stag do, according to real life experiences.

We evaluated eight important elements for each city using a five point scale. Extremely negative feedback scored a 1, and fully positive a 5. Here’s the average score for the most popular stag party destinations:

1 Prague 4.38
2 Hamburg 4.19
3 Budapest 4
4 Berlin 3.94
5 Krakow 3.88
6 Amsterdam 3.81
7 Tallinn 3.81
8 Bratislava 3.75
9 Barcelona 3.44
10 Riga 3.38

Stag party costs

Beer prices by country in Europe

Are you looking for a not-too-crazy weekend that won’t break the bank? Or are you looking to spend two days of wild partying no matter the cost? To help you pick the perfect destination for your budget as well as your idea about what the best stag weekend should be like, here’s a breakdown of the most vital information you need: beer cost relative to UK prices.

Top 10 European stag party destinations

Beyond beer, there are many other factors that make certain cities great. Without further ado, here are the top 10 destinations for a stag do weekend in Europe, with a breakdown of the main factors to take into account when planning a stag party.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

 Total Cost for a Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic Total cost for a weekend – £219 per person: 4/5

If you’re looking for some crazy nights, delicious food and fine ale to wash down your grub, Prague is an inexpensive place to do it.

Activities to do in Europe  Activities: 4/5

You’ll get your regular array of activities, but the pub crawls are something you should definitely not miss.

Europe Alcohol drinks Alcohol: 5/5

We have a winner here! “A pint of beer costs less than only 87p,” says one stag do goer. If you stick to beer, you’ll have a really hard time spending all of your money. Spirits are a bit more expensive, but still much cheaper than in Berlin or Amsterdam.

 Bars & Clubs  Bars & Clubs: 4.5/5

Crazy night life with plenty of bars and pubs. Keep in mind that if you decide to stay in The Old Town (Staré Město), expect to pay two to three times the regular price. One stag do goer warns not to trust people on the streets ‘who offer you cheap fun’.

‘The food was great, the Czechs see themselves as an up and coming middle class nation and take pride in their food and drink….the beer in particular is world class.’ – Singletrack Forum

Locals in Europe Locals: 4/5

A lot of stag parties happen here, so British men have a bad reputation (though that’s rarely a problem). Locals aren’t hostile per se, but they’re not super friendly either. If you treat them well, they can be really fun to hang out with. Women are friendly and easy going, and there are a lot of tourists, as well.

English Proficiency in Europe  English Proficiency: 4/5

English is widely understood. Expect to meet a lot of Americans and other Brits on stag parties.

Stag do in Prague, Czech Republic

Beer frenzy: This is the best place to enjoy quality ale for literally no money. Water? Forget about it, beer is cheaper here. Only Bratislava ranks better in terms of price, but the Czechs offer a far greater variety of brews.





2. Hamburg, Germany

 Total Cost for a Weekend in Hamburg, Germany Total Cost for a Weekend – £328 per person: 2.5/5

Compared to Prague, Hamburg is a bit more expensive. Both cities offer very different experiences, but Hamburg will require you to bring a few extra euros. This might be the city’s only downside.

Activities to do in Hamburg, Germany  Activities: 5/5

There are plenty of activities, some of which are unique to the city. You can hop onto one of many party boats, walk through the Red Light District on St. Pauli or go ‘beer biking’.

Best Alcohol in Hamburg, Germany Alcohol: 3/5

Best beer ever’ writes one reviewer. You do get quality for your money, but compared to other cities on our list, Hamburg is rather pricy.

 Best Bars & Clubs Budapest, Hungary Bars & Clubs: 5/5

Great nightlife and great venues such as the Docks or Prinzenbar. There is also a lot of funky bars around the port area, if you’re up for a wilder adventure. Most strip bars are at the Reeperbahn, so you won’t waste time taking cabs around town. No fear of scams or people trying to rip you off.

‘Reeperbahn is full of stag nights/hen nights without much of a problem. The police, bouncers, etc. are fairly easy going and generally very friendly. Loud and merry is the norm on the Reeperbahn!’ – TripAdvisor

Locals in Hamburg,Germany  Locals: 4/5
People in Hamburg are very open-minded. The Red Light district is safer and there are less drugs than in Amsterdam. Women are classy, well-dressed, and generally attractive. Though they’re not super easily approached, as long as you are not too aggressive they’re really nice.

English Proficiency in Europe  English Proficiency: 4/5

Most people in the ‘party area’ of town speak English.

Stag to do in Hamburg, Germany

How about a lap dance? Reeperbahn knows exactly how you like it.






3. Budapest, Hungary

Total Cost for a Weekend in Budapest, HungaryTotal Cost for a Weekend – £216 per person: 4/5

Budapest is slightly cheaper than Prague. But getting confused by the local currency is actually a very real problem. One British pound is roughly 430 Hungarian forints.

Activities to do in Budapest, Hungary Activities: 4.5/5

Guns! If you love them, Budapest will feel like paradise to you. It also boasts one of the best pub crawls in central Europe. To treat your morning hangovers, you can hop into one of the many hot springs in the central part of the city.

Best Alcohol in Budapest, Hungary Alcohol: 4/5

‘A word of advice — don’t go experimenting with Hungarian alcohol’ warns one reviewer. Hungarian liqueur is really strong, so you may want to stick to the brands you know. If you want to experiment with some local spirits, try Unicum and Palinka. Money-wise Budapest is not expensive.

 Best Bars & Clubs Budapest, Hungary  Bars & Clubs: 4/5

Parties can get really crazy, depending on which bar you decide to visit. Just make sure to avoid possible scams, eg. girls offering you to join them for drinks who then leave you with the bill (also called ‘consumption girls’) and dodgy men encouraging you to visit their clubs, and so on. If you feel inclined to visit a strip club, be sure to research before you visit and watch out for people trying to rip you off at such establishments.

‘Never get in a taxi and ask the driver to bring you to a nightclub. Nightclub means strippers/brothel’. – TalkCeltic Forum

Locals in Budapest, Hungary Locals: 3/5

Locals won’t be joining in the fun on your stag party — they’ve seen it all before. In Budapest, it’s cool to keep the fun clean and your nose out of trouble. Women here are both beautiful and approachable – and the cherry on top is that they don’t dislike foreigners.

English Proficiency in Budapest, Hungary  English Proficiency: 4/5

The city is a popular stag do destination, so English is widely spoken.

Stag do in Budapest, Hungary

What happens in Budapest, stays in Budapest: The severe hangover ravaging your head in the morning is a clear sign you had an awesome night – unless you wake up in a back alley with your wallet and a kidney missing.






4. Berlin, Germany

 Total Cost for a Weekend in Berlin, GermanyTotal Cost for a Weekend — £316 per person: 2.5/5
Berlin offers very good value for your money, but don’t be fooled — you may still end up spending a pretty penny for your adventures even though every euro you leave in Germany will be worth it.

Activities to do in Berlin, Germany Activities: 5/5

Beyond the wild nightlife, there are many equally interesting daytime activities you can explore.

‘There are many types of extra fun activities that you can plan, eg. go-karting, climbing, etc.. There is even a place near Berlin where you can ride a tank’. – Trip Advisor

Best Alcohol in Berlin, Hungary Alcohol: 3/5

Compared to other stag do destinations (excluding the UK), German ale is not cheap. But it’s not too expensive either and does taste mighty fine.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Berlin, HungaryBars & Clubs: 4.5/5

‘Very diverse, sort-of expensive, as Germany is in the Eurozone’ shares one stag do goer. Clubs will not grant entry to large groups of men. To get in, enter in groups of two or three, or break up the testosterone by taking some girls with you. You need to pre-book, as the clubs are some of the largest in Europe and get sold out well in advance.

Locals in Berlin, HungaryLocals: 4/5
Locals are understanding, but stick to drunk and happy, not over-loud and obnoxious. Berlin is a huge multicultural hub.

English Proficiency in Berlin, HungaryEnglish Proficiency: 4.5/5

Almost everyone speaks English.

Stag to do in Berlin, Germany

Go German, or go home: ‘The club scene in Berlin is one of Europe’s wildest and literally anything goes’ sums up one stag do reviewer. Be warned: once seen, these clubs can never be unseen. You’ll leave wanting more.





5. Krakow, Poland

Total Cost for a Weekend in Krakow, Poland Total Cost for a Weekend — £216 per person: 3.5/5
This is a relatively cheap city, which is well on its way to becoming a popular stag night destination. Krakow’s a very good alternative to Prague and Budapest, though you’ll get less value for your money than in Berlin.

Activities to do in Krakow, Poland Activities: 4/5
The huge number of university students make the city a very lively place with a wide variety of daytime and nighttime activities. There are different communist-themed tours you can do.

Best Alcohol in Krakow, Poland Alcohol: 3.5/5
The alcohol scene isn’t as good as in Prague, but you’ll get very good prices on vodka and beer. Polish ale tastes good and imported brands are also available at a fair price.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Krakow, Poland  Bars & Clubs: 4/5

Very active nightlife and most clubs are relatively cheap. Everything is in close proximity and entry fees are low. ‘Club bouncers are not very fond of drunk Englishmen’ warns one stag do goer, though.

‘Krakow would be a better bet for a stag as the majority of its nightlife and dining options are within easy walking distance of the Grand Square (just happens to be where most of the hotels are located too) so no need for taxis at night like in Budapest’. – Boards.ie

Locals in Budapest, Hungary  Locals: 4/5

The police are strict and maintain order so the city is quite safe. Drunk behaviour is not tolerated by the locals, but will almost never result in hostility. The women of Poland’s majestic southern metropolis are attractive and friendly.

English Proficiency in Budapest, Hungary  English Proficiency: 3.5/5

A lot of young people here speak fluent English, though members of older generations aren’t quite as modern.

Stag to do in Krakow, Poland

Young and innocent by day, crazy and wild by night: Don’t be fooled by the seemingly quiet atmosphere of the city. Once the sun goes down, things can escalate quickly here.






6. Amsterdam, Holland

Total Cost for a Weekend in Amsterdam, HollandTotal Cost for a Weekend —  £331 per person: 2.5/5
Most stag party packages start from GBP 90 and can go up to GBP 250 per person. Flights from the UK are cheap (an average of GBP 55 for a return flight) but be prepared to spend additional GBP 100 or more depending on your drinking habits.

Activities to do in Amsterdam, Holland Activities: 4/5
Amsterdam is a popular destination for stag dos and offers a unique list of activities that usually revolve around alcohol, strip shows and recreational drugs.

‘One thing that I’d recommend, if you’ve a few days there, is getting out of the city to the seven flags theme park. It’s about a 40 minute train journey away. We had a class day there’. – Boards.ie

Best Alcohol in Amsterdam, Holland Alcohol: 2.5/5
Dutch beer won’t disappoint you when it comes to taste and price. Spirits, on the other hand, are quite pricy. If you decide to skip the coffee shops and spend time in the local pubs instead, be prepared to spend like a champ.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Amsterdam, Holland  Bars & Clubs: 4/5

Amsterdam offers a huge variety of venues in close proximity. Rest assured, boredom will not be on the agenda. Although the Red Light District is a must see, it ‘gets old fast’, as one stag do goer shared. Compared to other stag do destinations, Amsterdam is a bit more expensive.

Locals in Amsterdam, Holland  Locals: 4/5

People here are used to tourists, but don’t necessarily wander off alone at night.

English Proficiency in Amsterdam, Holland  English Proficiency: 5/5

Literally everybody speaks the King’s language.

Stag to do in Amsterdam, Holland

You can have the world, as long as you’re paying for it: Most things are legal here and Dutch people don’t like to disappoint their guests. Just make sure you bring some hard cash with you.






7. Tallinn, Estonia

Total Cost for a Weekend in Tallinn, EstoniaTotal Cost for a Weekend – £186 per person: 4/5
Tallinn is slightly more expensive than Bratislava and Riga but ties with Amsterdam in its overal rating. As more and more people from Sweden and Finland flock to Tallinn prices are slowly going up, but you still get a lot of value for each euro you spend.

Activities to do in Tallinn, Estonia Activities: 3.5/5
‘The bar crawl was brilliant’ shared one lad. You can also go paintballing or shooting in one of several old Soviet bases. For its relatively small size, Tallinn has a lot to offer.

Best Alcohol in Tallinn, Estonia Alcohol: 3/5
You can get decent beer here for a decent price. The hard alcohol’s not expensive, but Bratislava will give you a fairer price for a bottle of beer.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Tallinn, Estonia  Bars & Clubs: 4/5

You won’t find crazy stunts like in Berlin or Amsterdam but despite that the nightlife is at a surprisingly high level of fun. You won’t get attitude from the locals. Tallinn is a relatively safe stag do destination and you can enjoy your partying without too much fear of being scammed.

‘We did Club Hollywood (great club, average music), and Club Venus (better music, stunning clientele, smaller club). No attitude, lovely women, just so unlike England in such a good way. No lairy idiots, we had a really great time’. – TripAdvisor

Locals in Tallinn, Estonia  Locals: 4/5

The locals are friendly, but some may try to rip you off. There are high numbers of people getting really drunk here and they’re an easy target. There’s more women than men, and they’re generally fond of Englishmen.

English Proficiency in Tallinn, Estonia  English Proficiency: 3.5/5

Most folks you’ll meet during pub crawls speak understandable English.

Stag to do in Tallinn, Estonia

‘We love British lads’: You’ll find some of the best looking Brit-loving women here that you’ve ever seen.






8. Bratislava, Slovakia

Total Cost for a Weekend in Bratislava, Slovakia Total Cost for a Weekend – £174 per person: 5/5
Bratislava offers the best value for your money, period. It was even named ‘best value city for stag dos’ in 2014. You can easily afford a weekend here for less than GBP 200 per person.

Activities to do in Bratislava, Slovakia Activities: 3/5
There are a few notable shooting ranges worth visiting. You can get your hands on revolvers, 9mm pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns and the classic AK-47. Keep in mind that when it comes to activities, Bratislava doesn’t offer the same variety like Hamburg or Berlin.

Best Alcohol in Bratislava, Slovakia Alcohol: 4.5/5
We read that ‘high quality Czech beer can be found for as low as 1 pound’. That means alcohol here is slightly cheaper than in Prague, and you get a wide choice of ale and spirits.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Bratislava, Slovakia  Bars & Clubs: 3.5/5

All the best ones are in close proximity to one another. You’ll find it easy to walk around town. Despite that, nightlife in Bratislava doesn’t get wild like in Amsterdam or Barcelona. The city feels really calm.

‘Because it’s not an obvious choice, it doesn’t suffer like Prague from stag-overkill’. – Singletrack World Forum

Locals in Bratislava, Slovakia  Locals: 3.5/5

Bratislava locals form a close community, so locals are not as open as others from eastern European countries.

English Proficiency in Bratislava, Slovakia  English Proficiency: 3/5

Asking for directions can be frustrating, we won’t lie. The important thing is that Slovakian bartenders always speak your language, so your glass/mug won’t run dry during your stay.

Stag to do in Bratislava, Slovakia

Put me on a dry spell: Bratislava’s major draw is its stunning women, which absolutely make your heart stop. The only downside? These young beauties don’t give in to British charm.






9. Barcelona, Spain

Total Cost for a Weekend in Barcelona, Spain Total Cost for a Weekend – £276 per person: 2.5/5
Barcelona won’t be your cheapest choice, but the value you’ll get for your money is definitely worth it. This is the most popular stag do destination and you’ll be missing out if you decide to go cheap.

Activities to do in Barcelona, Spain Activities: 5/5
You can go jet skiing, karting, take a chopper bike for a spin, or go shooting. For those lazy lads out there, you can just grab a cold brew and enjoy the beaches.

‘There’s lots to do besides the typical stag do activities (karting, shooting, etc.) including water sports, Arab baths, etc. And of course, like almost anywhere in Spain, the nightlife is great’. – Trip Advisor

Best Alcohol in Amsterdam, Holland Alcohol: 2/5
You’ll be better off buying cheap beer from merchants on the street than spending a fortune in a tapas bar. Barcelona is an ‘expensive city to drink’ as we read many times. You have to put in about GBP 6 for a vodka and mixed drink.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Barcelona, Spain  Bars & Clubs: 5/5

There are plenty of bars and restaurants to make you feel overwhelmed with choice. If you want to go clubbing, check out Hogan’s, Polaroid bar, Nevermind, Cassette Bar or the Razzmatazz club. Many clubs have a dress code, so ‘make sure to dress smart’. Some will charge you around GBP 10 to get in, but you get a free drink inside. Some strip clubs in Barcelona also operate as brothels, so you need to research well and watch out for overcharging or tricky business.

Locals in Barcelona, Spain  Locals: 2/5

Beware of pickpockets – ‘they are everywhere’ says one stag do goer. This is a top notch venue for a stag do, but stay smart. If you get too wasted to be on your guard — especially at La Ramblas — don’t say we didn’t warn you! We’ve read some pretty scary reports of police officers being aggressive with drunken revellers. Spanish women may become aggressive if treated without respect. Others might turn out to be prostitutes, ‘and also take your wallet’ as one mate shared.

English Proficiency in Barcelona, Spain  English Proficiency: 3/5

You won’t have problems with the language, but don’t expect perfect English, either.

Stag to do in Barcelona, Spain

Party like a rockstar: Crazy crowds, and non-stop parties. If you go for the full Barcelona experience, you’ll likely win a free ride in a cop car.






10. Riga, Latvia

Total Cost for a Weekend in Riga, Latvia Total Cost for a Weekend – £179 per person: 4.5/5
This is one of the best deals you can get for a stag weekend. A little more than GBP 100 will be more than enough for a weekend full to the brim of partying and good laughs.

Activities to do in Amsterdam, Holland Activities: 4/5
‘Gun shooting is amazing, safety is optional’ acknowledges one stag do goer. Riga is very similar to Tallinn in atmosphere but due its larger size has slightly more to offer.

Best Alcohol in Riga, Latvia Alcohol: 3.5/5
You’ll get decent prices on alcohol. You’ll also discover that some of the local brands are not at all bad. Despite that, Czech and German beer are far superior.

 Best Bars & Clubs in Riga, Latvia  Bars & Clubs: 4/5

Riga is host to a number of fun pubs and bars. But beware, ask for prices before you order. Avoid exploring back alley bars and talking to strangers. Be aware in strip bars – strippers may try to rip you off, and as some strip bars are run by the mafia, you can end up being asked to pay ridiculous amounts or risk a beating.

Locals in Riga, Latvia  Locals: 2/5

British men have a bad reputation in Riga, and that’s something you should prepare for as locals may try to provoke you. If you ask for trouble, you’ll get it, but if you act in a friendly, respectful manner you can avoid almost any confrontation. However, corruption is not uncommon, so keep your wits about you.

English Proficiency in Riga, Latvia  English Proficiency: 2.5/5

The younger population speaks some English and the same goes for all bartenders and club staff.

Stag to do in Riga, Latvia

Party style: How do we sum up Riga? Plenty of affordable fun and drinks but some stories we read told us this destination is not for the faint-hearted.






How Did We Calculate the Total Cost?

For those of you in charge of the stag do budget, this is our calculated average price for (a) stag do package + (b) travel expenses + (c) spending money:

  • Average price for stag do package: We compared different packages and chose a medium price based on the best value for your money. Chances are you can go a lot cheaper, but this would also impact your overall experience.
  • Travel expenses: These include a return ticket from London and airport fees. Ticket prices vary, but if you book your seats well in advance, they might cost you around GBP 50 to GBP 60 per person for almost all destinations. Shuttle fees to and from the airport are usually covered in stag do packages.
  • Spending money: This is how much money you’ll need to bring if you are serious about exploring the local pubs and bars.

Our scores basically comes down to ‘value per pound’.

Draw your conclusions

When you visit an unknown city, whatever the occasion, it’s sensible to research the highs and lows. With a reputation preceding any stag party, they have a unique influence that needs to be considered.

However, armed with our tips and advice collated from those who’ve already been there and got the T-shirt, you have all the information you need for a successful trip.

Our top 10 is compiled from real user experiences, with every city included in the list for very good reason. Whichever one you choose for your best friend’s stag do, it’s going to be a winner. Fun and adventure will be had – it’s just up to you to choose what kind.


Thumbnail credit: Dirk Vorderstraße