English women treat me like I'm an alien from outerspace

English women treat me like I'm an alien from outerspace

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Yankeebean has a very honest rant about English women -- especially about a certain 'look'. Know the one she's talking about?

I was recently reminded about one the most infuriating things about being a North American woman in Yorkshire... English women.

Now, I know I can’t lump them all in together, and I know some really amazing English women, too… but nothing gets my blood boiling quite as much as ‘the look‘.

If you’re an American woman in England, then you know the one I mean… that LOOK that an English woman will give you when you try to do something insane like introduce yourself, or ask what their name is, or talk about anything other than totally neutral subjects like the weather or going food-shopping.

It drives me NUTS!!  It drives me punch-the-air-go-for-a-run-bite-my-tongue GONZO nuts…

Hey!  English chick!  I’m not going to bite you!  I’m not going to steal your boyfriend!  I’m not going to sprout wings and dive-bomb you!  I’m not going to beam you up to the mother-ship.  And my American-ness is NOT contagious!

Sometimes I go to some business networking events and try to 'meet-new-people-make-new-contants blah blah blah blah… I once went to an all women’s networking event in York (WHY??  What was I thinking??).  I swear to God, I thought by the end of it they were going to light up a bunch of torches and chase me from the building.  It was made very (VERY) clear, that they thought I didn’t belong there.  I mean, it was like highschool all over again…


Tell me this isn’t just me… PLEASE tell me it happens to you too??  I could use some support here…  and some witty quips and retorts if you can think of any.  We need to be prepared when confronted with this strange species…. All contributed material will be credited accordingly.

Yankeebean / Expatica

She's not from Yorkshire is a blog about life in England as three sassy, tell-it-like-it-is-American women, discovering things about the UK and the US that would have never occurred to them if they’d never lived there. Yankeebean is married to an Englishman and lives in Yorkshire. She is a web designer and professional voice-over artist.


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  • Anna posted:

    on 11th December 2009, 18:11:27 - Reply

    My feeling on this is that when you introduce yourself out of the blue to them and ask for their name, their first thought is is this woman going to try and sell me something, simply because it's not how an English woman would go about trying to make friends. I think you'd have more luck if you make some casual remarks or a joke or something first to break the ice and so that people know you're harmless, and if the other person seems receptive etc. then perhaps introduce yourself and chat a bit more. Just my take on things. Hope this helps