Tories win 306 seats in British hung parliament: results

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Britain's opposition Conservatives won 306 seats to become the biggest party in parliament, but face power-sharing talks after falling short of an overall majority, final vote results showed Friday.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labour party won 258 seats and the Liberal Democrats 57 in the 650-member House of Commons, after the last result from all constituencies contested in elections on Thursday was announced.

Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionists won eight; the Scottish National Party six; Sinn Fein five; the Welsh Plaid Cymru three; Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) three in Northern Ireland, with one each for Greens and the Alliance Party, the latter in Belfast.

One seat has yet to be decided: an election will be held for the constituency of Thirsk and Malton in northeast England on May 27, after one of the candidates fighting it died during the election campaign.

Conservative leader David Cameron has offered to make a deal with the Liberal Democrats to form a government, and Brown has agreed to wait for those talks, while holding out a hand to the Lib Dems in case they fail.

The result was predicted by polls but Britain has not had a hung parliament since 1974 and the next few days are highly uncertain, with some commentators already forecasting another election if no government is formed.

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