Stephen Fry tweets Qantas diversion live

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British actor and TV wit Stephen Fry provided expletive laden live coverage of the unexpected diversion of a Qantas plane to his three million Twitter followers on Friday.

The embattled Australian airline was carrying Fry to London from Singapore on a Airbus A380 when the pilot noticed a problem with one of its four engines and changed route to Dubai where all the passengers were forced to disembark.

Fry, who had been touring Australia for his programme "QI", was one of the 283 passengers on the flight who then spent some time on the tarmac in Dubai as airline staff decided what to do next.

"Bugger. Forced to land in Dubai. An engine has decided not to play," was Fry's first light-hearted take on micro-blogging site Twitter on the matter.

After regular updates on what was happening, including that he was on a bus from the plane to the airport terminal, the prolific Tweeter launched an expletive laden Tweet to his 3.3 million followers.

"I've left my wallet on the sodding plane," he revealed. "Hell's teeth this really isn't my day. Will not leave without it."

"It's at times like this a man considers taking up smoking again. Possibly with heroin, crack and MDMA mixed in & all washed down with vodka."

The tweets prompted this reply from Qantas' Twitter account: "Mr Fry, don't worry we will get your wallet back. We know the crew are keeping you updated and we are talking with them. So sorry."

And they did. "Reunited with wallet & cards so v relieved! Hurrah," wrote Fry.

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