Speed flatmating

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Looking for a room? Have a room to let? Flatshares sorted in one fun evening.

If you're looking to move into a new place or you've got a spare room, Speed flatmating is a great way to find like-minded people to live with.

So, what is SpeedFlatmating?

SpeedFlatmating is the perfect way to find your new flatmate. It's not about what you share, it's about who you're sharing it with, so it makes sense to check out the people first. By coming to a SpeedFlatmating event you get the chance to meet loads of potential new flatmates in the time it would take you to travel to and look round a single flat (and discover you wouldn't want to share with the people there anyway). It really couldn't be easier!

 The format is the same as speed dating - you have a quick chat then follow up with the ones you click with.

To learn more, visit the website. Click here for upcoming event dates and locations.

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