Podcast library for remote delivery of intercultural training

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Intercultural training organisation, Farnham Castle, has announced it is developing a library of podcasts for the remote delivery of intercultural training.

Topics will include an introduction to cultural awareness, advice and guidance on working with individuals and teams from other cultures and ultimately, individual detailed expatriate briefings for every country in the world through its Global Mobility Programmes.

"We are seeing significant growth in the delivery of our world-class intercultural training programmes online," confirms Jeff Toms, director of marketing and client services at Farnham Castle.  "However, now that we are also able to offer Global Mobility Programmes plus an expanding library of topical subjects as up-to-date podcasts, our corporate clients can benefit from unparalleled flexibility when it comes to the delivery of training."

The podcasts allow organisations to deliver the same training message to a large number of staff, across a variety of platforms, such as i-phone, Blackberry or memory sticks - where personnel may not have easy access to internet connectivity.  For example, a tailored podcast series was recently produced for staff on an oil rig, ensuring everyone could benefit from the intercultural programme created.  Podcasts can also be accessed through company intranets allowing employees to receive valuable information and advice at a time to suit their own schedule.

Podcasts can be developed on request, covering many aspects of both general and specific cultural awareness issues in addition to Global Mobility Programmes for specific countries or regions and can be purchased through a licence arrangement.

"These new training offerings, enabled by advances in technology, now mean that the highest quality training is available to staff regardless of their geographical location, in the most flexible format possible," continues Toms.  "Elimination of travel costs and associated expenses is just one of multiple benefits for clients.  As a result, we anticipate significant interest from organisations looking to deliver training in this innovative way."

For more information please call 01252 721194.   Information about Farnham Castle can be found at: www.farnhamcastle.co.uk

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