Make It Meaningful: A New Paradigm of Work

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“We’re living in a radically interdependent, increasingly transparent, tightly hyperconnected, brutally hypercompetitive and viciously volatile world.” - Umair Haque, Harvard Business Review

In these uncertain times, European Bahá'í Business Forum (ebbf) invites you to explore a new paradigm of work. During this weekend, you will meet and interact with like-minded individuals and leaders who are using their values to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunitiesof our changing world.

Experience the strong sense of purpose and coherent behaviour that drives ebbf people to success:

  • How did Rüdiger Fox transform a fledgling electronics manufacturing company into a successful global enterprise?
  • How did Fash Mahjoor create one the top companies in the USA, guiding it to profit growth and winning the Wall Street Journal's ‘Best company to work for' prize?
  • How is Carrie Freeman using her values to drive Intel's sustainability strategy and the creation of a social return on investment framework?
Most importantly, you will make connections and share ideas that will allow you to positively influence your own work environment - and take steps forward on your own ‘values path'.


6 - 8 May 2011
Selsdon Park
London, UK


Roy Steiner
Pauline Stewart
Richard Barrett
Rüdiger Fox
Paul Hughes
Françoise Le Goff
Elena Mustakova-Possssardt
Ralph Blundell
Mika Korhonen
Wendi Momen
Serge Thill

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