Kadhafi son says bombing intended to frighten, not kill

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Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's son said Thursday that bombs dropped on the eastern port of Brega were intended simply to "frighten" rebels there, not to kill anyone.

In an interview with Britain's Sky News television, Seif al-Islam highlighted the strategic importance of Brega as an oil harbour and said the Libyan government could not allow it to fall into enemy hands.

"It was very clear that they were militia and they tried to control the harbour. It's a red line, you cannot control the harbour," he said.

He continued: "First of all the bombs (are) just to frighten them to go away, not to attack the harbour. Not to kill our people."

Kadhafi's son insisted the airstrikes were not against civilians, saying: "Brega is not a city. Brega is an oil harbour."

Asked if people lived there, he said: "No, the city of Brega is far away from there, I'm talking about the harbour and the oil refinery there."

Seif al-Islam said Brega harbour was the "oil and gas hub of Libya. All of us, we eat, we live because of Brega. Without Brega six million people have no future, because we export all of our oil from there".

Those taking over the city were clearly a "militia, they were filming themselves, they came with three tanks and heavy machine guns".

He added: "Nobody would allow the militia to control Brega, it's like you're allowing somebody to control Rotterdam harbour in Holland."

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