Kadhafi should face trial in Libya: NTC spokesman

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Moamer Kadhafi should face trial in Libya for the crimes committed under his rule, the NTC spokesman in London said Sunday, regardless of the International Criminal Court charges against him.

The ICC, based in The Hague, has issued an arrest warrant against Kadhafi for crimes against humanity committed during the Libyan uprising, along with warrants for his son Seif al-Islam and his intelligence chief.

But Guma al-Gamaty, the National Transitional Council co-ordinator in Britain, said Kadhafi should face trial in Libya for a catalogue of crimes since he seized power in 1969.

"The ICC will only put Kadhafi on trial for crimes committed over the last six months," Gamaty told BBC television.

"Kadhafi is responsible for an horrific catalogue of crimes committed over the last 42 years, which he should stand for and answer for and he can only answer for those in a proper trial in Libya itself."

He said that it would be up to the court to determine whether a death sentence was appropriate for Kadhafi, but added: "The court will be fair and just and will meet all international standards.

"International monitors from human rights organisations and other reputable organisations and the UN will be allowed to monitor things.

"It will be a fair trial -- something that Kadhafi has never offered any Libyans who criticised him over the last 42 years."

Gamaty also said that the expired NTC offer for Kadhafi to stay in Libya under supervision if he gave up fighting would not be revived.

"The time has definitely passed for that. This was offered to him by the NTC months ago, some three, four months ago, and he never took it up," he said.

"Also it's going to be very difficult for Kadhafi and his sons now to find a safe haven or a country that will take them," he added.

Due to the ICC arrest warrants, "their choices are now very, very limited. The only thing they can face now is if they are apprehended, they will be arrested, they will be treated humanely.

"They will be kept safe and then they will have to face a trial and answer for all the crimes they have been responsible for."

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