Journalist says Zawiyah is circled by Kadhafi forces

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A British journalist in Zawiyah reported Friday that the town was circled by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, as state television reported they had regained control from rebels.

"This town is under seige, it's been encircled by the army," Sky News reporter Alex Crawford said in a report shortly after 1700 GMT.

In an earlier television report from a hospital in Zawiyah, she said at least three people had died and there were up to 50 people injured, seven of them critically. Two children were among those hurt.

"We were walking with the anti-Kadhafi protesters through the main street of Zawiyah, there were several thousands of them, the bulk of them unarmed," she said from the town near Tripoli.

"The town has been circled by army, you have to go through a number of checkpoints to just get inside."

She said the protesters "were marching towards the military lines when the army opened fire using tanks, weapons. They fired several times, repeatedly at the protesters and they also used machine gun fire".

"A number of the protesters were hit and we're now in the hospital where a number of them have got bullet wounds to the back. Several ambulances were called and they were fired on as well," she said.

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