Fasting Mexican gets her wish to see royal wedding

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A 19-year-old Mexican woman who fasted for 16 days in a bid for an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William has finally been granted her wish.

Estibalis Chavez will be flown to London for the April 29 nuptials thanks to an anonymous benefactor, according to the Mexico daily, Milenio.

Chavez camped out in front of the British Embassy in Mexico City in February, refusing to eat, although officials at the embassy had told her she was fasting in vain.

Chavez lost 17 pounds (eight kilos) during her fast, and painted a portrait of Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton, which the embassy also refused to deliver.

"I've been a fan of Lady Di since I was little and my mother's a fan as well," said Chavez. "And I promised myself I would go to a royal wedding," she told AFP during her fast.

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