Cameron warns Pakistan over insurgent funding

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British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday that Pakistan must not "look two ways" in Afghanistan by publicly working to stabilise the country while secretly funding insurgents.

US documents leaked to Internet whistleblower site WikiLeaks this week accuse Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) -- the nation's most powerful spy service -- of secretly helping the Afghan insurgency.

"It's unacceptable for anything to happen within Pakistan that's about supporting terrorism elsewhere," Cameron told BBC radio during a trip to India.

"And it's well documented that that has been the case in the past and it's an issue that we have to make sure that the Pakistan authorities are not looking two ways," he added.

He said there had been "big progress" by Pakistan in fighting militant groups, which had improved relations with Afghanistan, "but we need to see that progress continue."

India, a regular target for militant groups based in Pakistan, slammed the new evidence of official Pakistan involvement in funding militancy.

"Sponsorship of terrorism, as an instrument of policy, is wholly condemnable and must cease forthwith," an Indian foreign ministry spokesman said late Tuesday.

India has also long been concerned that billions of dollars of military aid given to Pakistan to help fight militants on its territory is misdirected to insurgents, or funds defence programmes designed to counter India.

"I am going to discuss with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the leakage of funds given to Pakistan by the US and UK," Cameron told reporters in Bangalore.

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