British far right launches election manifesto

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The far-right British National Party launched its general election manifesto Friday in their bid to cause a major upset by winning a seat in parliament.

The BNP, led by Nick Griffin, shocked mainstream parties by winning two seats in June's European Parliament elections, and is hoping that will springboard them to a breakthrough on May 6.

"Britain is full. It's the most overcrowded country in Europe. It's time to shut the doors," Griffin said at the launch in Stoke-on-Trent, central England, timed for Saint George's Day, the English national day.

The 94-page manifesto, entitled "Democracy, Freedom, Culture and Identity", pledged to halt further inward migration, and to deport illegal immigrants and foreign criminals.

Griffin, who said the manifesto focused on Britain's economic recovery, also vowed to pull troops out of Afghanistan, which was "not worth the bones of one British soldier, the tears of one British mother".

Whilst they have pockets of support in northwest England and parts of the Midlands, the BNP is targeting the seat of Barking in suburban east London, where they are the main opposition on the local authority.

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