WikiLeaks says not linked to revenge cyber attacks

9th December 2010, Comments 0 comments

WikiLeaks distanced itself Thursday from a series of cyber attacks on its perceived opponents, including Mastercard and PayPal, after the arrest of the whistleblowing site's founder Julian Assange.

The website did not comment on the hackings but merely said it was a reflection of public opinion.

"WikiLeaks is aware that several government agencies and corporations, including the Swedish prosecutor, Mastercard, PayPal and (US State Department) have come under cyber-attack in recent days, and have often been driven offline as a result," a WikiLeaks statement said.

"The attacks are of a similar nature to those received -- and endured -- by the WikiLeaks website over the past week, since the publication of the first of 250,000 US Embassy Cables," it said.

"These denial of service attacks are believed to have originated from an internet gathering known as Anonymous. This group is not affiliated with WikiLeaks. There has been no contact between any WikiLeaks staffer and anyone at Anonymous. WikiLeaks has not received any prior notice of any of Anonymous' actions," the statement added.

WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said in the statement: "We neither condemn nor applaud these attacks. We believe they are a reflection of public opinion on the actions of the targets."

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