WikiLeaks denounces 'dangerous' Manning verdict

30th July 2013, Comments 0 comments

WikiLeaks denounced the US military judge's verdict against soldier Bradley Manning, saying it reflected "dangerous national security extremism from the Obama administration".

It also said in a reaction posted on Twitter that the conviction of Manning on several counts of espionage set a "very serious new precedent for supplying information to the press".

It said: "Manning faces 136 years on the charges he has been convicted of today. Dangerous national security extremism from the Obama administration."

In another tweet, it added: "Basic guide to honest reportage. Manning has not been found 'guilty', but he has been 'convicted' of supplying information to the press."

In all, Manning was found guilty of 20 of 22 counts related to his leaking of a huge trove of secret US diplomatic cables, government records and military logs to the Wikileaks website.

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