Swedish entrepreneurs open Nordic restaurant in London

6th October 2009, Comments 0 comments

Nordic dining has arrived with style in London as Swedish chefs launch new restaurant on Holland Road.

Erika Eklundh and Victor Ollén recently launched their new business venture, Malmö Nordic Dining in London. Their ambition is to challenge the stereotypical view of Nordic food being largely herring and meatballs with an array of quality, carefully sourced produce, inspiration and product development. They both have backgrounds as chefs in renowned restaurants in Sweden and Denmark. On top of that, Erika is a graphic designer while Victor has a degree in International business. With these combined experiences the duo seems a perfect match.

Erika explains how it all started: “One day I heard the Swedish Minister of Agriculture on the radio talking about Scandinavian food and how Sweden was going to be responsible for the next big food revolution. When he was asked what was typically Swedish, he went on only to mention meatballs, lingonberry jam and vodka which I thought was an incredibly boring answer.”

Said and done, the duo began research and pitching to investors and managed to get support from the Swedish Government. Now they plan to tickle the taste buds of Londoners and beyond with their handpicked produce. Great care has been taken to ensure the products are offered with characteristic freshness, simplicity, health, and great taste. All are wrapped in beautiful and functional packaging.

“All Malmö Nordic Dining products, besides being completely natural, unaltered and artisan produced, are good representatives of the Nordic Diet in the sense that dietary fibres, unsaturated fats and slow carbohydrates are all incorporated. The beauty of Nordic food is it’s purity,” explains Erika Eklundh.

“We hope to attract the modern, health-conscious consumer with our exciting new range of Nordic products, bringing thema taste of the latest new super foods. We’ve had an incredibly good response so far. Selfridge’s Food Hall has also shown interest in stocking our range. Customers especially adore our cheese selection.”

Malmö Nordic Dining’s products include rosehip preserve, thin crisp bread and fine rapeseed oil to name but a few. These are to be found in selected food halls, stores and venues where Nordic products are already being promoted, for example Nordic design shops and cafés such as Design House Stockholm,Scandinavian Kitchen, Food Inc and Totally Swedish. Shortly customers will also be able to buy directly online from www.malmonordicdining.com


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