New UN sanctions on Iran are 'very significant': British FM

9th June 2010, Comments 0 comments

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday that new United Nations sanctions on Iran over its suspect nuclear programme represented a "very significant step forward".

"This is a very significant step forward. It really shows the international resolve on this issue. It shows that in a very broadly based way," Hague told reporters in London.

"And it shows that the Iranian tactic of simply not being willing to negotiate about its nuclear programme as a whole is not a tactic that is going to work."

He denied that opposition from Brazil and Turkey undermined the sanctions, saying they "share the objectives of the rest of us on the Security Council".

"They have differed with us over this resolution but Brazil and Turkey don't differ with us on the objectives -- that Iran should enter into negotiations, that they should cooperate properly with the international authorities, that they should abide by previous Security Council resolutions," he said.

"Iran should not take comfort from the votes of Brazil and Turkey because Brazil and Turkey certainly want Iran to enter into those negotiations as well."

The vote in the 15-member council was 12 in favour of the US-drafted resolution, with Lebanon abstaining and Brazil and Turkey voting against.

Co-sponsored by Britain and France with the backing of Russia and China, the resolution expands an arms embargo and bans the country from sensitive activities like uranium mining.

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