Gandalf the vulture no longer a menace to Scottish airspace

23rd August 2010, Comments 0 comments

Gandalf the vulture, who triggered an alert in Scottish airspace after flying off during a display at a birds of prey centre, was safely back where she belongs Monday.

Gandalf, a seven-year-old female Ruppell's Griffon vulture, was performing at the World of Wings birds of prey centre in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, on August 17 when she flew off.

Pilots using Glasgow Airport were warned of the potential danger, as Gandalf can fly at the same altitude as commercial aircraft.

The vulture was spotted hanging around near an old brickworks in nearby Falkirk.

Joanna Timson, one of the falconers at World of Wings, said: "She's back with us safe and sound. We got her back on Saturday night but we wanted a vet to check her.

"She had lost a pound (450 grammes) in weight. We don't think she ate much while she was away. She was so pleased to see us that she flew straight towards us when we got out of a van at the site where she was spotted."

Timson said Gandalf was back performing in public displays, exhausted but on form having slept off her adventures most of Sunday.

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