Far-right leader fails in British lawmaker bid

7th May 2010, Comments 0 comments

British National Party leader Nick Griffin conceded defeat early Friday in a bid to become his far-right party's first member of Britain's parliament.

Griffin, whose party wants to stop immigration to Britain and was recently forced to change its whites-only membership policy, stood in the working-class constituency of Barking in east London.

But he conceded defeat to Margaret Hodge, a veteran of the Labour party which is battling to cling on to power after 13 years in office.

"She has won the seat rather comfortably. I think we're in with a pretty good chance of a second, which will be the first one I've ever had in a general election," he said before the result was officially announced.

Griffin and another BNP member were elected to the European Parliament last year, with the party taking nearly a million votes, its best-ever election result.

He has been a regular target of protestors -- last October some 500 staged an angry demonstration outside a BBC studio in London when Griffin was allowed to take part in a regular political panel show due to his EU success.

Around 30 of them broke in to the building and there were six arrests, while three police officers were injured.

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