Expats in UK find it hard to raise children

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Expats based in the UK find education more expensive and of lower standard than their native countries.

The UK has again scored poorly as a location to raise expat children, being rated by the expat workforce as having lower standards of childcare and education, reveals a recent report.

In contrast, Australia has been ranked as the best place to bring up expat children, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong.

In addition, expats based in the UK find it more expensive to raise children than in their native countries. They also feel their children do not integrate well and standard of education is worse in the UK is worse in their native countries.

The report, Offshore Offspring, is based on a HSBC Bank International’s survey of over 3,100 expats from more than 50 countries. The report highlights how expats based in six countries -- Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE. US and the UK -- rank their adopted countries in terms of organising education/ schooling and creating healthier lifestyles for their children.
Schooling worries in the UK
The UK poses the greatest challenges in terms of organising school for children. Over half of respondents (56 percent) said organising schools was difficult, making it the toughest country to sort out education.

Overall, a large proportion of expat parents in the UK reported a decrease in education standards in comparison to their home country. Despite this, expats in the UK are least likely to say that they would consider investing in paid-for education for their children – just 15 percent are currently investing in private education for their children.

Of those countries surveyed, the UK is also believed to be the worst country in terms of quality of childcare and standards of education, with over a quarter of expats (28 percent and 27 percent respectively) reporting lower standards in both areas since moving to the UK.

Unhealthy lifestyle in the UK
The UK and the US are the two least child-friendly countries for expats when it comes to being healthy.

Children in the UK and the US are more likely to be inactive, spending more time watching TV (43 percent) and playing computer games (27 percent) as compared to a worldwide average of 26 percent.


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