Eurosceptic UK tabloids praise Juncker comments on EU

20th April 2016, Comments 0 comments

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker's comments about the EU "interfering" in people's lives was hailed in eurosceptic British papers on Wednesday as "an astonishing confession of failure".

Responding to a question about Britain's EU referendum at a European Parliament session in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Juncker said: "The European project has lost parts of its attractiveness.

"One of the reasons why European citizens are stepping away from the European project is due to the fact that we are interfering in too many domains of their private lives and in too many domains where member states are better placed to take action."

But Juncker also said that he was against prioritising national over European solutions and said this approach would end up in "ruins".

"Those who want less Europe and want more nation state will have nation states that cannot act on their own and a European Union that will no longer be respected in the world," he said.

The Daily Express tabloid, which supports Britain leaving the European Union, called Juncker's comments "an astonishing confession of failure" and a "recognition of public revulsion at the EU".

The paper quoted Vote Leave campaign chief executive Matthew Elliott as saying: "Even the Eurocrats admit the EU isn't working for Europe.

"On June 23 we can kick out this unpopular and hapless EU president and instead spend our money on our priorities," he added.

Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay told the Daily Express: "Juncker is right that the EU is unpopular and too interfering. It has lost respect.

"It would be safer to say goodbye to the Euro fat cats like Jean-Claude and his meddling EU judges."

The Times devoted its front page to Juncker's comments while the Daily Mail said: "Perhaps he was seeking to mollify sceptical opinion in Britain, for he knows that if we walk, others may well follow".

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