Europe's worst shooting sprees

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The massacre of at least 12 people in the Lake District region of northwest England on Wednesday is one of the most deadly shooting sprees over the past 15-years in Europe. Herewith major European shootings:

BRITAIN: A lone gunman goes on a shooting spree in a school in Dunblane, central Scotland on March 13, 1996, killing 16 pupils and a teacher. The 43-year-old gunman then turns the gun on himself.

GERMANY: A 19-year-old disgruntled student from Erfurt in eastern Germany who has been expelled, kills 16 people, including 12 teachers and two pupils and then shoots himself on April 26, 2002.

GERMANY: a 17-year-old German youth goes on a rampage at his old school on March 11, 2009, gunning down 15 people before killing himself.

FRANCE: A gunman kills 16 people in the southern French region of Var on September 24, 1995. The 17-year-old gunman then kills himself.

SWITZERLAND: A lone gunman, 57, with a grudge against a local bus company bursts into a regional parliament chamber in the central Swiss town of Zug on September 27, 2001, killing 14 local politicians before shooting himself.

FINLAND: A 22-year-old gunman runs into a school classroom, shooting dead eight female students and one male classmate as well as a male teacher, before turning the gun on himself on September 23, 2008.

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